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  1. Necromancer

    Are Guns Important For You Anymore ?

    Honestly, guns are just for fun. I don’t use them in any tactical manner because melee is more useful due to the lack of noise.
  2. Necromancer


    The issue is that VAC secure is off by default, so many players don’t even know or care to know what it is. Obviously it shouldn’t be an option to turn on and off, It’s one thing to have a duplicated item. But it’s another thing to make yourself invincible in PvP. People these days lack any sense of honor or integrity.
  3. Necromancer

    Techland, where are you?

    Word of advice, when you are looking to have a talk with someone or get a point across. The way you talk to them is VERY important.
  4. Necromancer

    Dying Light MMO

    I like the idea of a Dying Light MMO, though I think i’d prefer a more casual survival aspect where you don’t loose all your items. Because survival games reward bandits and shun lawbringers, not to mention dying and starting from 0 because of some chupacabra who shot you in the back is simply annoying.
  5. Necromancer

    My Ideas For New Game Modes and Features

    I like the idea of playing as a viral or infected, it’d make joining a players game into a possible PvP session. Or the infected players could scout out zones/rooms for hoards prior to non-infected.
  6. Necromancer

    Cheaters communities hackers

    No, nothing is really done about hackers as far as I can tell.
  7. Necromancer


    I was thinking along the lines of a post Following DLC when you use the cure. So rather than full blown mindless zombie, it’s more of a hybrid.
  8. Necromancer

    Wishes and suggestions

    The problem with games is that they make gun jamming too often, so I personally don’t like the idea. besides there is only one mission in which a gun is really used, in the open world it’s more useful to go melee.
  9. Necromancer

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    First: This is a LARGE ask, but I would love nothing more than another DLC like The Following. I for one would be more than happy to pay for it. As I can imagine so would much of the fan base. Though if there was, i’d like it to be a bit... different? We have dealt with the hoard, and we have dealt with survivors; but what about the world outside the confines of the walls? Lets say the quarentine is breached in one section of the zone and it opens a new dynamic. No longer facing just the hoard, you are presented with a few choices. 1. Get the people trapped in the quarentine out. Fighting the military/a new Private Military Corp (GRE type) faction trying to restore the quarantine. 2. Find a way to restore the quarantine and prevent the virus from spreading. 3. Or as a twist of fate, take steps to help the undead out of the quarantine as an act of vengance. Which could possibly lead to my 2nd request. In a new zone, you’d be dealing with not just zed on the streets, but chaos in the streets with civilians, police, military, and PMCs. Because of the choices there could be included a joinable faction system. (Survivors) / (PMC/or/MIL) / (Player/Cured?) Not particular to a story for it, though i’d imagine the main plot would revolve around an antagonist trying to weaponize the virus. Second: If anyone hasn’t played "Be the Zombie" or "The Following" many references may not be understood. oh and (spoilers) Say a new DLC or Game comes out I think this would be a fun mechanic. Put the player in a position in a side quest which they can choose, would they rather be human or sacrifice their humanity to thrivr among the infected. (I typically like the Faction vs Faction PvP mentality in most games.) It would be similar to the player ending of "The Following" in which depending on a choice they are infected with the cure or not. Though what happened to "The Mother" it would be in stages. Stage 1: being human in appearance but gaining enhanced senses. Stage 2: fingers elongated and muscle-bound or lean(depending on if the player can choose male or female), though otherwise still human. (looks much like a viral) Stage 3: starts looking like a mutated biter essentially (no longer looking entirely human.) Stage 4: Looks like "the mother" completely though with some alterations being that the character is male. (unless male and female is introduced as an option, otherwise lean look) Stage 5: Looks like a hybrid of "the mother" and a Volatile Stage 6 (only at night) Becomes a Apex Volatile Essentially not becoming as powerful as the night hunter, but it would have some pros and cons. Stage Perks: Stage 1: Enhanced scenes like the Nighthunter. Stage 2: Better senses and the ability to climb buildings like the Nighthunter, being covered in gore to hide from infected lasts much longer. Stage 3: Better senses, melee, faster climb, bite attack that 1 hits most common infected and unarmored humans, and a screech that summons a small group of common infected to the players location, as well as most infected aside from Volatiles, Demolisher, Goons, Toads, and Freak of nature bosses ignore the player. Stage 4: Better Senses, melee, faster climb, bite attack that 1 hit goons now if the player landed on top of it, and screech that summons large hoard to location, normal Goons and toads now ignore the player. Stage 5: better senses, melee (but can no longer use weapons), climb, bite damage, screech summons common and uncommon infected to the player, ignored by all normal zombies, though not Freak of Nature bosses or mutations. (Gains mutations / evolves (new infected skills replace player skill tree.) Stage 6: Better all around abilities and enhanced infected skills, undistinguishable from the volatiles, screech summons volatiles to the player. Also in terms of the infection stages, there would be an item that the infected could craft and use before sleeping so that they can reduce their stage by one each time it is used, this would be to prevent the player from not being able to reach story areas. As infection would be a barrier to gameplay, being that it would be contracted through an early game side quest. How the player would increase their infection stage would be through killing a certain amount of infected, and at stage 3+ the bite attack would boost the infection stage rate. Infected would give a x2 boost, human enemies a x5 boost, and players would give x10. Pros: Better base melee / faster melee attacks (stage dependant) Stong bite attack and screech ability (stage dependent) Ignored by most of the undead (stage dependent) Easier navigation due to fast climbing and inhuman leaps (stage dependant) Higher health and health regen (stage dependent) Stage 4,5,6 only safe house is unlocked (on map) (though a really good group of players can find and raid the location.) Cons: Can no longer enter any populated settlement without disguise else be shot. (stage 2, 3, and 4) (stage 5 and 6 cannot use any disguise) Sometimes traps at random are set off near or around player (spikes, light trap, electric, etc.) (stage 3+) Roaming big game hunters and mil/GRE will go after the infected player (A very strong enemy with late game guns the human player can ignore, Bozak-esk guys.) When in Co-Op other players Friendly fire is an option against and by the infected player, and a reward is dropped for killing infected players and infected get bonuses for human kills. (like with night hunter) No guns or weapons (stage dependent) New game mode of hide and seek, death match where a group of human players hunt down the infected player(s). (like the night hunter mission but with the city full of infected and no objective other than to track and kill the infected player. (Essentially the infected (stage 3, 4, and 5) has to survive until night in which they can turn the tide on the hunters.) How the new Hunted game mode would work, essentially the players would have captured/kidnaped the infected in the day depending on if stage ( 3, 4, or 5). In which they would break out, the infected would have a tracker in them in which the players would be able to pull up a GPS to know the general direction of the player. The goal is for the players to kill the infected 10 times or the infected to kill the players 10 times. I think the predator/prey game type similar Evolve (when it use to be good) would be fun, but what are your thoughts?
  10. Necromancer

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    The one thing I think this game is missing more than anything that most zed games have? a BadA Anti-Zed Special Forces/or/military outfit; don’t get me wrong, many of the outfits are very fun. But this would be more tacticool. That’d be something I’d like to see dropped. As well as maybe a new faction based around how you aquire the outfit which you can encounter fighting zeds. Or possibly other things.