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    Version 1.2 Patch Notes

    I hope so, it's not serious that this should be a complete list of changes. Anyway, the first time it's full patch notes, but if that's all, then I do not yet see that I'm the game be touched for a longer time and have to wait for fixes. Here is nothing of the helpers who are soooo important. What about the numerous translation errors? Can you sell bales again, etc ... Horn nice, but fewer mistakes I would prefer.
  2. Farmer

    Official Mod-Hub?

    Hello. How is it with the mod deployment? Will you have your own hub or a partner where the mods are provided clean? Is there a steam workshop? Many will wait for mods and there are already the first. Have now synonymous found one where you should first install additional software before the download. Personally, I am relatively well versed in the topic of Internet / Computer, but many will unfortunately also catch malware. Therefore, an official hub of course, would be great, where then you know where the data come from and one because nothing undesirable under-cheered. Please love modders. Check who you want to have your mods made available. Is also your name who is involved with it.
  3. Farmer

    Official Mod-Hub?

    As far as I known he works in Steam Workshop Integration
  4. Farmer

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    Even with us PC players, not everything runs smoothly. For me very important, working helpers. I've done a test video on that and the helpers do not go well on others for some tasks because they get stuck, e.g. while threshing. You can not leave her alone. Of course, I give the developers time, it's a new game, but in my opinion, patching requires a higher quality. It can not be that fixes a patch bug and brings back many new ones. An open test of the patch, which is not a problem on Steam, could increase the quality already. I can also overlook bugs, but bugs that affect the game so much that you can not play it as intended, namely parellel in several countries, I find particularly bad and they take the fun. Also, I'm currently playing another game and waiting for the next patch, unfortunately. But I do not give up hope and the game is not dead yet, definitely, even if there is really little going on in the different media.
  5. Farmer

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    The goats are already available on Steam
  6. Farmer

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    You're righ @Gabrielmpf. Was answered in AMA before release to a question from me.
  7. Farmer

    PC Update 1.1.4 Patch Notes

    In the past, the patch notes were unfortunately incomplete and some things were changed that were not in the Patcnotes. Maybe this time, we'll see;)
  8. Farmer

    BUG - Can't buy Sheep

    Also in a German fan community the bug is known and reported in the bug forum. Platform was here PS4. Even a new game brought no improvement
  9. Farmer

    100 Sapphires?

    Thanks for the information. There were permissions that were not taken clean. Now it should also go for guests. The 201 pictures we would rather not post here;)
  10. Farmer

    100 Sapphires?

    My fan community has also found all 100 sapphires and created a corresponding overview. The numbers are not identical to your card, but for each number there is a detailed screenshot where it is exactly. Is however in German. Here is the overview Here are the individual sapphires, according to the number Maybe that will help you
  11. Farmer

    A couple of requests

    For fuel it is up 50% when you buy over tablet
  12. Your patch notes are good so far, no question. Nevertheless, there are things that are not in the patch notes and have been changed. We'll find that out only by accident. Thus the capacity of the feed mixer wagon was reduced from 6000 to 1500 kg or the light on the vehicles now remains on. I know that this does not interest everyone and that it may be more effort, but please try to announce as accurately and completely as possible what you have changed, if it is possible. Thank You
  13. Farmer

    Better Patchnotes possible?

    And again an example. Guys, that's info, you have to tell the players. You can not find out everything yourself. For the last console update is still no patch notes, or I have not found them yet. Sure it's holidays and weekends, but if an update comes, then please with accurate info. Please also improve something here
  14. Farmer

    Farming Challenges

    In fact, I have already thought of leaderboards. Am already thinking how to realize this in my community fan page. But an automatic order list would be great.
  15. Farmer

    Farming Challenges

    I agree with you 100%. The challanges are nice but you will only play them once. They have no replay value. One could enhance the free play by the integration of events, as they occur in the challenges but appreciably. Should of course be an option. But if I imagine that you play in conditions of free play and suddenly a fire breaks out and you have to save your crops or a locust plague in Montana threatens your A, B and C fields, that would be great. Would have an idea for another game mode, but first the existing game has to run really stable, before we discuss new features.
  16. Farmer

    Easter egg

    On the PC are at the places where the sapphires are currently easter eggs. That came with Update 1.1.3. Because this sound fits n
  17. Absolutely right gabrielmpf, 100% agree for me. btw. Ignore list is a good feature
  18. Farmer

    Better Patchnotes possible?

    Again an example of missing information in the patch notes. Why is there nothing in the patch notes about "Fixed white texture issue for mods" and you have to learn that by chance when watching a video? But I think that is important information.
  19. Farmer

    Game is a complete mess

    PS4 Patch comes on Friday
  20. Farmer

    Please delete

    Pls. delete.
  21. Farmer

    Where's the JCB 435S?

    Ok. Sorry for the misunderstanding 23/5000 for the misunderstanding
  22. Farmer

    Where's the JCB 435S?

    This is not wrong. look here JCB wheel loader is a gemly exclusive content. On Steam, you can also buy all the other additions included in the deluxe version as DLC, but also not the JCB loader. For console players, there is no gemly edition and therefore no JCB wheel loader. BUT.. In the AMA it was said that a possibility will come, so that console players can come to the content JCB loader and orange plantation. You can find that here Maybe you can say more about it @James Gallagher ?
  23. Farmer

    Where's the JCB 435S?

    Only ween you Buy the Gemly Edition for PC.
  24. Farmer

    Resetting A vehicle

    Maby to late but i have made an short Video about that. It is unfortunately in german language. Hope it helps
  25. Farmer

    Real Time - Please

    I'm starting right here with what bothers me more than a few bugs that, of course, currently still exist. Please support this if this is just as important to you. The developers want to listen to the players and I hope we get a lot of support for this Point from other players as well. First of all, I find that IceFlames has succeeded with PF a great game. It is really fun, despite some mistakes and in my opinion missing machines (Preview and Review Version) such. Tedder and manure spreader. The improvements from the preview to the review are clearly noticeable. Great job! I playd more then 60 hour in the Pre- and review. That says all. But my wish remains. I really would like to have real time playing speed. I like to play comfortably and would like to do a lot of things myself, that is not possible with the currently slowest game speed. According to AMA, although something has been changed in the growth phases and in the animals what the game speed, but this is not enough in my opinion. With the currently slowest game speed, 1 minute lasts about 5 seconds, so 1 hour takes about 5 minutes and thus one day about 2 real hours. There is not much to do and the growth phases at 0.00 o'clock do the rest. It is me, for example and not just once that I mow grass, then swathes and then comes a growth phase and the grass is back, although the mowed is not even collected. Then I mowed again, squirmed and then only the grass of the two grass cuttings (mind you on the same area!) Collected. You also have to worry about the same things too fast. Every day I have to look after my cattle, which also costs time or in Germany also sell wool. The current game speed does not give me the time I would like to enjoy the game properly. I also do not think that with this game speed several countries can work meaningful at the same time, which I think is a pity, because that is an absolute top feature, I think. But you would also have to rethink the topic of travel time, if really so much time must pass, but is another topic. I also imagine that real-time would not be hard to implement, as it is certainly only a factor. The other game speeds are also welcome, for those who want to play like that. So it would not be a disadvantage, but please, dear developers, allow real time in addition. CU Deejoo