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    Wishes and suggestions

    So, I have a few suggestions for Dying Light... - Doorbell Traps: Ring a doorbell in a house to lure nearby zombies to the house, which could possibly be useful to distract zombies inside houses - Speaker Traps: Activate a set of speakers in a café, club, or restaurant to lure zombies towards the sound, which would be useful for messing with them, especially with volatiles or virals and diverting them. And you could even use naughty music? Or very loud music? Man's Not Hot by Big Shaq would be hilarious... - Tin Can Traps: Tin Can Traps are Tin Cans tethered together with string, far apart, and when activated, the string releases, causing the cans to clatter together, which could also be used as a diversion - Firework Gadgets: Aim em at your target... light em up... let em fly... feel the boom... - UV Torches As A Modification For Guns: I have loads of time playing Dying Light... I know that there are UV torches... but, maybe you could use one as a modification for a gun so that you could use your other gadgets more efficiently? - Demolisher Variants: Demolishers are pretty cool... but I find them in Riot armor a little repetitive... maybe you could add variants too? Just like, Demolishers wearing tattered regular clothes instead? Thanks