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  1. garettthacker

    My Ideas For New Game Modes and Features

    been trying to get them to add a survival mode forever. i like most of your ideas tho it wouldn't take much to make this game absolutely amazing. the only real problem i have is that the season pass is absolutely ridiculous. bought the season pass when i first got the game and was all for it. then after the following they start dropping these bullshit little $2.99 packs? wtf why even have a season pass? literally the only dlc they add after the following and bozak are little packs that you have to pay for even with the season pass. when they finally do add some dlc they make it all free! WTF DID I SPEND $30.00 ON THE SEASON PASS FOR? WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT OF HAVING A SEASON PASS!?
  2. garettthacker

    Wishes and suggestions

    am i the only one that wants to see some kind of a survival mode? like make us worry about hunger, sleep, thirst, and antizin? i’m really confused about the whole anitizin idea? like why make antizin such a big deal in the early game but then you just completely forget about it and ignore it? i feel like it would make it a completely different game if you add this game mode. you would actually have to go loot for food and water and supplies on a regular basis. not just when you need items to upgrade a weapon or something. i love the game but i’m starting to get bored of it. i want something that’s going to change the game up so much that i play for more than 20 minutes after an update. these weapons and small updates are great to be free but quantity is never better than quality in my opinion. i was pumped for all these updates but they’ve been kind of disappointing so far. silencer was a cool idea but very poor execution and the outfits and weapons only keep me interested for like 20 minutes. i realize my idea would probably be extremely hard to add into the game but it would make the game 10x funner. if you can’t add it into this game then please please please add it in dying light 2 but i’d prefer it in both haha