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    Will There Be Hardcore?

    Hello. I have a few ideas to share. Sorted game to easy, medium, hard / hardcore difficulties is not always best choice. Hellraid is not race but first person co-op action game placed mostly in deep and dark dungeons full of deadly traps and situations solved by limited time. I personally think losing enough to be more carefull next time in hard game is more challenging than die in easy but hardcore game.There is a many reasons why to preffer hardcore before softcore, but what if we have something in the middle that gives us adrenaline as hardcore gameplay do. Hardcore leagues says create a new character and gear it up with collected items you would normally sell but kept them in stash for one day incoming RIP and then play from bottom all game modes again, why? Also avoiding insane areas because of hardcore mode is on the place. One more, what if you lose enough and game is extremenaly hard as it is closer to endgame, in some cases it sounds better to me than perma death. There is alot of ways, I have a few on my mind. experience lost - And I am not talking about 5% of your current level. Lets say whenever player die, lose huge percentage of his total experience pool. Yes, that might be losing levels in general but your number of level, level requirements and talents doesn't change so you don't drop your sword after resurrection but.. item destroy - Destroyed items are almost same as lost items. It's a random numbers generated lottery, the number that can be reduced or eliminated by item durability boost. Destroyed items can be repaired for full price of resources when crafting skill is high enough. This let you keep your favorite sword, but you should consider finding another one, repairing destroyed items is very expensive. durability lost - Losing durability of items that can't be repaired by simply click and investment of a few coins is on right place. We have crafting skills and resources, right? Low - very low durability makes items less comfortable to use for character and can be destroyed on use. curse of resurrection - This can be punishment for gameplay after being resurrected back to life for some time. I feel familiar with an idea where "%" of missing experience from max experience number reflect in "%" on curse. For example; character lvl 30 die, it's still lvl 30 but dropped experience to lvl 28. Missing experience of 2 levels is 10% and character gets for example -10% all stats, cast speed, attack speed, movement speed. Character is under this effect as long as missing any experience point or untill use some kind of very rare item like a crystal of soul purification. monsters loot your body- Monsters loot your body ? "item lost" Deaths makes economy and crafting. \m/