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    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER (Important note: I am not a veteran player, I've played about 25 hours as Hunter) #1 thing I like: overall feeling, speed and radius of tendrils grab, colors of the visual filter, and sound of screaming like a pig while scanning for survivors #2 thing I like: telebombers)) Saved me some dangerous moments couple of times after I got ripped. #3 thing I like: newbie survivors' panic when they got spit by Horde summon)) Veteran just go on roof with a flare. #1 thing that bugs me: survivors can dodge tackle even in mid-air, that is not logical at all (how can human jump while falling?) #2 thing that bugs me: when I spit on someone in Old Town, they just hide in water until effect is gone, and I can do nothing about it #3 thing that bugs me: survivor can easily evade pounce by UV at you even if you grab him from behind (if you manage to deal deadly attack from behind, it should definitely be deadly) #4 thing that bugs me: I cannot avoid DFA once its animation started (survivors can avoid tackle and pounce by pressing a single button, so why hunter is unable to dodge by pressing a single button as well?) #5 thing that bugs me: the power of 4 UV lights in 1vs4 matches (even with UV flickering nerf, 4 survivors UV me to no energy in 1.5 seconds, so they always have several UV's up and ready). #6 thing that bugs me: weapon radius. When survivor slices me, visually his sword is 3 meters away from me. Looks like I am not killed with metal of the sword, but with some magic. #7 thing that bugs me: some nests in Slums spawn right near Safe Zone (5 meters away). No matter what spit I apply - survivor just go 5 meters and hide in safe zone. Overall, gameplay as a Hunter seems completely scattered. When I, newbie hunter, play against newbie survivors - I completely dominate them (10 kills, 0 to 1 death). When play against veterans - they dominate me (dodge every single attack and match ending with 0 to 1 kills and 20 deaths). Would be great to see some balancing depending on player's rank. There could be different ways, like buffing some skills if player's win ratio is below 0.5 and nerfing skills a bit if your win ratio is 2 or more. Or adding several leagues (noob league - can enter only if you rank is low or your w/r ratio is low, normal league, pro league). It's just a general idea, but something needs to be done because playing against veterans who knows every bug and glitch is NOT fun, and playing against people who do not know that UV blocks pounce is not fun as well. Also, people who play as survivor don't like telebombers. But if devs just remove telebombers without any compensation - horde spit would be useless - survivors will be just traveling on roofs completely safe. While teleporting bombers doesn't seem logic and I am sure doesn't feel fun for survovirs, I'd like this spit to be changed next way: many bombers spawn on ground and many virals spawn on roofs. It will still bring panic and distract survivor's attention even on roofs to fight those virals, but I'm sure it would me more fun than insta-explosion in the face from nowhere
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    Call Of Juarez Dx10 Benchmark 2007

    What is pissing me off is that they completely ignoring this topic. Looks like forum is dead, but of course, they answer in topics related to Dying Light...
  3. Dark Nero

    Call Of Juarez Dx10 Benchmark 2007

    I have the same problem. I need to launch Call of Juarez DirectX 10 Benchmark, and I get an error "License date has expired.". I tried to change system date to an older one, but then I get another error "System date is incorrect". What is it all about and how to launch the benchmark?