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  1. keirametz

    Game Crash

    I resolved my problem. The problem was DLLs. DLLs are compatible with 32bit system so my system is 64bit and I downloaded 64bit DLLs and my problem is resolved.
  2. keirametz

    Game Crash

    Yes but it didn't work
  3. keirametz

    Game Crash

    Hello, I have a really big problem. When I bought this game, I'm playing without problems and crashes and I played this game with 17 hours so I finished campaign mode. But now, I can't playing this game because game isn't opening.No errors,no notices... nothing else. Just I'm trying to open and my Steam mood is changing to In Game Dying Light for 3 seconds and after 3 seconds my Steam mood becoming to online. How can I fix it? If I can't fix it I can't take my money back! Steam has a rules for rebate. Please help me!!