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    Texture Issues with Weapons

    Hello. I've been playing dying light now for a few hours, and I have a small issue that I am trying to resolve, so I figured I would turn to the vast wealth of knowledge that people have here. I'm playing at 90 FOV because im on the PC and am able to modify my FOV to go higher. Some weapons have their textures cut off when running and/or standing still, but at certain angles you can see that the weapon texture is complete. I have only seen this issue arise when there is texture collision, and I have a theory that it has something to do with the rendering of the player body that is colliding with the backs of some weapons. My question would then be: Is there any clean fix for this? If not, can i stop the player body from being rendered? OR, am i able to move the player sight "camera" forward a bit? Either of these solutions would work I think. Thank you.