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  1. Renfur

    Dedicated Servers

    No dedicated servers. No proper anticheat. Ticket system will get you nowhere. The game is no longer supported.
  2. Renfur

    Exploits, Broken Game, Reporting PS4

    All support for Dying Light is over. Bugs and exploits won't get patched unless the bug is truly game breaking and even then it probably won't get fixed. All support is being put into Bad Blood and Dying Light 2, stated by Tymon Smektala himself. The amount of exploits is rediculous, I agree but to be fair, there are exploits on both sides of the spectrum that balance it out.
  3. Renfur

    Useful Resources Thread

    Bumping due to excessive spam w/ lack of moderation.
  4. Renfur

    Useful Resources Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to help new players learn and improve their gameplay by having an all-in-one spot for information from experienced players. Feel free to comment additional resources to be added if you feel that they are useful. •Hunter Guides Hank J Wimbleton's Guide to Becoming a Better Hunter: Renfur's Guide to Becoming a Better Hunter: •Survivor Guides Hank J/Omnipotent's Survivor Guide (Outdated but still useful): Renfur's Guide to Becoming a More Solid Survivor: Blademaster's Advanced Techniques Guide:
  5. Renfur

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    Even if they did change it back, most survivors will slice after a ground pound or before. Doing this causes the claw to have no knockback regardless. Giving this back wouldn't fix the issue you stated and would just mess up combos for the hunter.
  6. Renfur


    Obviously. But they should not be able to take away full shield and health from 1 lucky headshot lmao. This post is from the playtest as well, I have not played since official early access release.
  7. Renfur

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    It is not a cheat to neglect getting certain skills lol It is just understanding the game and using it to your advantage. Lets say you're playing a FPS game and you can add addons to your weapon. The only add on you have is one that has a small chance of doing something beneficial with a lot more chance of doing something negative. You wouldn't put the add on on because the negative outweighs the positive. Same thing applies to not getting tackle knockback and GP knockback Gp Knockback Positive: Small chance to impale someone every now and again Negative: Can't Claw afterwards due to knockback, makes it much harder to spit stick afterwards Tackle Knockback Positive: Get an impale every now and again Negative: You have to adjust for distance to get a spit stick, longer distance means less reaction time for followup combos, cannot 100% spit stick after tackle everytime It makes sense to not get these skills.
  8. Renfur


    Shotgun does not need to go. It just needs to lose the 1 tap potential and have a set damage range that is not absurdly high. Pistol would be fine with less ammo count, longer time between shoots as you said, or just higher recoil. The shield already counters guns.
  9. Renfur

    Buff Hunter

    Buff Hunter
  10. Renfur

    Buff Hunter

    That feeling when you take a troll post seriously and end up writing an essay for nobody to read. Feels bad man. Buff Hunter.
  11. Renfur

    Automatic healing?

    Yes it is normal. And it is like that because what would be the point of medkits if you auto healed to full? Its meant to be there to save you by healing you in tight situations when you may not have meds or have time to heal.
  12. Renfur


    From my experience in Bad Blood over the past 2 playtests, guns are an issue. I understand you should be rewarded for getting drops but guns are just too strong as they stand right now. If 6 drops spawn as soon as the match starts then someone is more than likely going to get a shotgun. It is very frustrating to spend 10 minutes looting, stocking up on armor before extraction, and harvesting samples to get tier 5 just to get one tapped to the head at extraction while you have maximum health as well as 50+ shield. Yes, shields block bullets. But this game is peer to peer so it is not a solid counter due to latency between players. The guns, primarily shotgun, need to be nerfed in some form. Whether that be damage nerf, less ammo count, etc. is up to developers, but getting one tapped like that should not be possible.
  13. And you still will not receive $20 lmao
  14. Renfur

    Automatic healing?

    It is called critical healing. Your health autoregens after 4 seconds of no damage to 95 health (provided you have all regen skills). This value looks low when you have 200 health or more but if you still have 100 health it heals to a higher percentage than it would if you had higher health values.
  15. Renfur

    Buff Hunter

    Buff Hunter