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  1. Renfur


    Shotgun does not need to go. It just needs to lose the 1 tap potential and have a set damage range that is not absurdly high. Pistol would be fine with less ammo count, longer time between shoots as you said, or just higher recoil. The shield already counters guns.
  2. Renfur

    Buff Hunter

    Buff Hunter
  3. Renfur

    Buff Hunter

    That feeling when you take a troll post seriously and end up writing an essay for nobody to read. Feels bad man. Buff Hunter.
  4. Renfur

    Automatic healing?

    Yes it is normal. And it is like that because what would be the point of medkits if you auto healed to full? Its meant to be there to save you by healing you in tight situations when you may not have meds or have time to heal.
  5. Renfur


    From my experience in Bad Blood over the past 2 playtests, guns are an issue. I understand you should be rewarded for getting drops but guns are just too strong as they stand right now. If 6 drops spawn as soon as the match starts then someone is more than likely going to get a shotgun. It is very frustrating to spend 10 minutes looting, stocking up on armor before extraction, and harvesting samples to get tier 5 just to get one tapped to the head at extraction while you have maximum health as well as 50+ shield. Yes, shields block bullets. But this game is peer to peer so it is not a solid counter due to latency between players. The guns, primarily shotgun, need to be nerfed in some form. Whether that be damage nerf, less ammo count, etc. is up to developers, but getting one tapped like that should not be possible.
  6. And you still will not receive $20 lmao
  7. Renfur

    Automatic healing?

    It is called critical healing. Your health autoregens after 4 seconds of no damage to 95 health (provided you have all regen skills). This value looks low when you have 200 health or more but if you still have 100 health it heals to a higher percentage than it would if you had higher health values.
  8. Renfur

    Buff Hunter

    Buff Hunter
  9. Renfur


    Not to be disrespectful to the developers but the default keybinds are horrible. I understand you can customize keybinds in settings but this is not enough. I feel held back when I play this game due to lack of customization. I would highly suggest adding in keybinds for ALL actions in this game and allowance of overlapping keybinds. Overlapping Example W is both my Sprint and Forward keybind so this frees up room for my pink which can go onto a different bind rather than waste an extra finger to do a basic action. I like to throw with my RMB but also like to aim with RMB, I could set both binds to that since they don't mess with one another but allow me to use both actions comfortably. Having comfortable keybinds is essential to a successful PvP game. Simply put, if you cannot play comfortably and optimally, you cannot play at your best which can bother many players. Now, if I were a developer I would go about this by doing one of these things to inputs_keyboard.scr; Allow a way to change the game keybinds through the files without triggering the EAC, similar to changing your field of view through documents (E:\Documents\DLBadBlood\out\settings\video.scr) Create a whole new menu for keybindings by; Removing the existing overlapping binds that change different action if you change one keybind. Ex. In order to throw your weapon, you must hold [Attack] then press [Use Equipment]. Remove the throw from Use Equipment so you can just throw your weapon by pressing [Throw Weapon] keybind. Adding in new .BIN file IDs for the settings menu and keybinds Creating separate categories for each keybind that is used in Bad Blood for full customization
  10. Renfur

    Buff Hunter

    Buff Hunter
  11. Renfur

    Buff Hunter

    Buff Hunter @Pete Donnelly @James Gallagher
  12. Renfur

    The Shield

    On your last point I edited my post to account for the guns. I forgot about those scenarios when typing this up, thanks for reminding me. Power slices can be parried so you get stunned by armguard which gives bleeding effect and gives opportunity for shield guy to add pressure to you. Parrying to cancel power slice charge animation will let shield user kick you for a free stun and power slice since there is no put away delay. Switching to another weapon doesn't cancel it unless it is bow iirc. Could be wrong, i'll test it later. Trying to cancel charge by using equipment does not work either since now it just throws your weapon. My point is with shield, due to no put away delay it takes no brains to fight someone. Power slice cancel + kick is the only way to counter shield + parry. But since there is no delay, if you try to power slice they just put away shield and parry. And if you try to power slice bluff then kick, the shield user can just keep his shield out and block it. It takes no brains to use a shield effectively, just fast reactions in certain situations.
  13. Renfur


    While playing privately after the playtest I added in tackle. I can see why it was removed from the main game due it being rediculously strong. I do have some suggestions if you do plan on revisiting the skill for possible implementation later on; Nerfs •Have a cooldown of 15 seconds after using it once ~ This prevents constant spam of it, which is the main issue of tackle (along with it's current damage output) •Reduce damage dealt to other players to 10 HP ~ Tackle should be your get out of jail free card or your setup move for a combo, not something that should actually do massive damage. •Tackle parries Tackle ~ Both parties stunned and applies tackle cooldown for the next 15 seconds, the stun should be short if both players tackle so that they may continue their fight. Like I said in posts before this, combos were a huge part of BTZ and they should be a part of Bad Blood as well. Things like Tackle + Power Slice or Tackle + Jump Attack should be a thing in this game. Most fights last only 20 to 40 seconds anyways so there is roughly only time to tackle once since you will not be able to spam it over and over again.
  14. A common issue from Dying Light with a lot of people was motion sickness. This game is PvP based so you should make it more enjoyable for these people by adding a toggle for head bobbing or just remove it in general. •Set "<prop n="HeadBobFactor" v="1" />" to "<prop n="HeadBobFactor" v="0" />" Another issue is magnet. This was a huge issue in BTZ for a lot of players. A lot of people missed out on cool frags due to magnet pulling a survivor closer to a vehicle or pile of trash bags forcing them to miss their attacks. There is no room for this in a PvP based game imo. •Set "<prop n="EnableFallHelperModule" v="1" />" to "<prop n="EnableFallHelperModule" v="0" />"