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  1. The Friendly Bot

    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    Idk why but the player controlled zombie seemed pretty OP.Maybe because of his power-attack.I'm not into balancing and all of this so this was just my opinion.
  2. The Friendly Bot

    Bad blood

    Not english native here so expect grammar mistakes (including this sentence) Here are some of my wishes for the next game.I don't expect all of them to be added but at least considered for the next game.I will ad more as I think about Please respect me and I will respect you, after all, we're not irrational beings. Blocking I was thinking for some sort of blocking system.At least against human NPCs but, if possible.It's quite annyoing to just keep dodging, you know.Maybe you guys could add an entire skill tree for blocking and to be like the other skill trees where you start off clumsy and then become an expert. I hope you guys can make this wish come true if not, I can deal with it, as a matter of fact, I got used to it. Free-running (climb) down I know we have cars and trash to fall on and be safe but not everywhere you would have one.Being able to free-run (climb) down would solve this problem. Improved unarmed combat Have you ever used fists in this game.I know I have and they were cluncy but not horribly cluncy.I would love to have some improvements to unarmed combat and to add some skill perks to it.It's the best I can hope for.I guess I would have to wait some more to be able to do some taekwondo moves on some zombies like a ninja, speaking of which... Improved stealth (or promoting stealth since nobody really knows this game has one) Have you ever tried to do a mission stealth where you had human enemies?I did once and failed... many times... I would love to see some improvements in this regard and if you guys working at the game manage to get a good system, that system is useless without being presented (not forced) to the player. More vehicle typs I know that in The Following that buggy was more of a successful test since it didn't have many animations.Looking at the buggy after I took some parts from other vehicles, I said to myself "Why a buggy?".I would love to see added a system where you can make your own cars. And I suggest not releasing a free game(mode) within the same launcher(game).You're "paid" one will be done if you do this.But I don't know economics or anything about publishing so who am I to say xD