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  1. humdrum

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    as silly as this might sound, a pogo stick, where crane can bounce around on roof tops, similar to the mechanic from ducktails where scrooge could bounce on his cane.....perhaps if it works then add in an extra mechanic where in order to not fall off the pogo stick the player must time button presses as crane lands on the ground, also perhaps crane could shoot zombies from the air, i think perhaps it could be added as a perk after the main game has been finished, cool new ways to traverse the environment just for fun without breaking the main game, maybe the pogo stick would bounce higher and higher with each bounce until the player made a mistake landing and crane fell off
  2. humdrum

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    adding seasons to the game, in terms of summer, winter, spring etc etc a standalone mission where crane takes some kind of hallucogenic substance and has an extremely colourful and trippy psychedelic adventure fighting cartoon zombies, or some kind of side mission where crane gets transported to a paralel 2d eight or sixteen bit world....perhaps implemented via an arcade machine that crane finds in an abandoned building....
  3. humdrum

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    a jetpack? or any cool way to traverse the landscape, a huge part of dying light is the enjoyment that one gains from simply traversing the environment so if you guys could think up a cool new way to traverse that would be awesome