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  1. Antonio

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    •Zombie Dogs (maybe resembling demodogs from stranger things for a super easter egg ) •Be the Zombie Campaign (also short would be very nice if it gives extra informations for theories and speculations) •Sniper Rifle (all the community wants this) •"Chainsaw" and "Flamethrower" blueprints would be awesome in my opinion •1 skill extra for power, agility ans pilot skill tree so we can have 25 25 25 25 250 at max level(idea for power: when you are using bare hands you have some combos with kicks using new cool animations "jackie chan style" - idea for agility: when you have low health under the regeneration point you run 15% faster - idea for pilot: you can jump out from the buggy with a special and super cool ejection seat) •PvP in the Bozak Arena with only a knife and a pistol up to 8 players in a separate mode (BtZ style) •Hidden Map (maybe in a new quarantine zone) that helps you finding golden statues and flags (animation similar to minecraft for an easter egg) •Hidden Oasis where you can collect old community bounties rewards ( golden buggy paintjob , joker outfit etc..) that spawns in a random location after 150/300/450 hours( I admit that this is also for me because i cannot have anymore old community bounty rewards because at that time I didn't have the game) •Infinite Hordes of Undeads: like Call of Duty Zombie you have to survive against more and more zombies in an endless challenge (this could be like the Bozak Arena an in-game extra) •Other casual encounters (Idea: women running away from zombies and you have to escort them to the closer safe house) •More wrestling animations against stunned zombies ( a powerslam it would be gorgeus for example) • A Zombie Boss Special Bounty( idea: much bigger than the demolisher and with the skin similar to the night hunter) For now I think it's enough I put all my effort doing this list because a really love this game and the studio beyond Keep up the good work Techland
  2. Antonio

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    didn't received the trophy last man standing although I killed every other player in bozak horde. Also didn't get the outfit
  3. Antonio

    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    Human Increase: already op Decrease: drop attack is to overpowered and less spamming of survivor sense Zombie Increase: Claw damage and faster spits recharge Decrease: already up
  4. Also i used the machete and not the gun for the kill
  5. Had the same problem today. I finally succeded in this challenge that i personally find very difficult in coop with my friend. We decided that the first time I was the last man standing and the next time him but after the kill neither obtained the trophy "last man standing" or the bozak outfit. I'm playing on ps4 and I'm very upset about this because i put a lot of effort for finish this challenge for the outfit and there was no reward. Other informations: i was the host and i didn't hit me in the 1vs1( don't know if this was the problem but it would ve strange). Hooe somebody can give me some answers.