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    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

  2. StabMan

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    When i play as Survivor: Thing i like: #1 new damage is so balance, good work Things That Bugs Me: #1 To the bug, because of which the effects of a crossbow on a successful hit sold and the hunter could have escaped with 1 hp, was corrected. #2 Remove the possibility of a quick waste of the UV light when pressing the use key repeatedly. #3 Tele-bombers are very terrible, they can significantly affect the outcome of the match or are able at an unnecessary moment to kill the player. #4 At 1v3 and 1.4 add to people flare amount is less to make a 2 drops flares When i play as Hunter: Thing i like: #1 Spit range The radius of the spittle explosion is really useful. Things That Bugs Me: #1 a bug with which you can apply multiple claws in a few seconds. #2 Make a delay after ground pound, because at the moment, not upgraded GP and subsequent spitting after him almost always sticks to the Human. Simply put, so that after successful ground pound for a while you can not do a spit (better fix GP-spit glitch). #3 After a successful tackle, the hunter stands for a while and can not be controlled for a while (before there was a glitch for an instant-tackle), a survivor with a small desynchronous can inflict great damage and even a quick ground pound will not help. #4 Fast spit recharge have a very bad balance, you need to reduce recharge time. #5 Tele-bombers is dishonest for a match OVERALL: I want the St. Valentine's crossbow to be fixed. For the VAC protection function to have a more important function. Also make a function that reacts to cheats in a joint game, the player who uses the cheat is automatic kicking from the session until the cheat program is removed. Also make the appearance of the bombers different, i.e. the time of appearance will depend directly on the number of survivors (the number of bombers and the beginning of their appearance), give a little more first-aid kits and flares at the appearance, after death. If there have been errors in my report, please do not judge strictly. English is not my native language.
  3. StabMan

    Game Bug

    I still have not got a new game event like the new coutfits. I reinstalled game two times, also deleted the files manually and with the help of cache checking rebuilt them - it did not help. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? Or am I not the only one so special? In first screen only 3 content drops infromations : #0, #1, #2. In second screen no community event. In third no outfits.
  4. StabMan

    acceptance in Bad Blood

    I myself would like to know, but most likely they no longer approve new candidates for the beta test. So hammer and wait, maybe you're lucky.