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  1. LaCr0

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Many people said that potion drinking needs an animation sequence but I have mixed feelings about it. I still think that "stunning" the player while drinking potions are not a great idea. OC you need to balance the potion spamming, but thats not a very good way. I hate when I stuck in games or it takes away the control from me. Cooldown could be a good answer here. Like the player can't drink the same potion again for like 10 seconds (depends on the game flow). The player is free to move, won't die in a stupid lockdown but he/she can't spam the potions, Also, the potions can be categorized. Like buff potions, healing potions, removal potions, etc. and add a cooldown to a category. So the player can drink something like strength bonus and a healing potion too. This is a better way because the player don't feel that he/she's limited that much. You can also add different subtype of potions like combat or non combat potions. Like a healing potion that ticks health over time but it can be interrupted by taking damage. OR Add a potion sack. Limit the number of potions the player can carry. This should differ from the inventory. (this is not that player friendly)
  2. LaCr0

    Hellraid Gameplay Demo At Gamescom 2014

    Thanks for the videos! I hope we'll see some Mighty Foot combat with cool sword punctures as well.
  3. LaCr0

    Rural Scene Concept Art

    It's rly cool as long as you don't have invisible walls.
  4. LaCr0

    Will There Be Hardcore?

    Well I think that the classic difficulty settings are good in most cases. (easy medium high nightmare), but there are more ambitious methods to set or customize settings. The new Thief game is not very good, but it has decent difficulty customization for example. The problem is that this system is somewhat hard to balance especially with drops and xp. (has to be fair) Alternatively this thingy should be an answer:
  5. LaCr0


    Cerberus would be awesome. Always reminds me one of the main bosses from Blood.
  6. LaCr0

    Livestream Talk

    Well options are fine as long as you can turn these features off. I'm not a farming guy I play the game as long as I like it. That's why I don't like the progression system in many games. Most of the time these are there just for keep the player in front of the monitor. OC there are many exception and I hope this game will be one of them. I'm still not sure about this potion thing. It's not good when the player feels stucked or blocked. Adding cooldown to the potions is better i think and has almost the same effect. You have to choose what potion you drink and you have to calculate when you can drink again. Plus you have your freedom.
  7. LaCr0

    Livestream Talk

    I think drink animation would be annoying. Especially if I have to stop for a moment. EXP meter is one of the things I hated in COD4 and other games. I don't care about these things. It kills the immersion and the mood. So plz no flashy numbers this time, it's not Bulletstorm or Necrovision. What I want to see how the game runs under the new engine. And more demons. I remember I read an early post about flying flaming skull things. Air type enemies are always good and they can change the gameplay.
  8. LaCr0

    Limited Edition?

    I don't like bonus content for preorders and limited editions for a download only game? I don't see the point besides marketing purposes.
  9. LaCr0

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    Well I want get something like the Earthfire Sword, a magic shield, and a backup wand of awesome. (shoots awesome!) Plus kick kneeling demons in the face with the Mighty Foot!! Or I'd like to go AXE style and Helix the chupacabros out of everybody!
  10. LaCr0

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    I hope they won't go full Watch dogs. Never go full Watch dogs... Also I think ingame stuff shouldn't be restricted to different editions. Take an example of Witcher 3. They have a rly rly nice Standard Edition with lodza good stuff. They have a Collectors edition with more PHYSICAL stuff. And (this is the importanat one) the Digital something edition which has all the physical goodies in digital form. So nothing adds to the game. Everyone gets the same experience. Nobody feels less important, and i think this is a great thing. I'm not a rich guy but i don't want to spend $150 for a complete experience. Thats why i don't buy games day1. Everybody does chupacabra dlc's all the time and i don't have money to buy them spereately so i wait for the GOTY or the all-stuff editions. (like borderlands or dishonored) That's why i like expansion packs more. I can get money and get a decent experience like everybody else and I don't feel like I'm missing out something or I'm a less important customer.
  11. Thank you for thanking us. I hope you guys add many good stuff into the final product.
  12. LaCr0

    A Place To Call Home

    I think there will be a lodza video about Hellraid Early Access. Me and some of my friends are planning to buy a 4-pack when it's available.
  13. LaCr0

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    I was wondering last night ... what about fistfighting? Can we use our fists or get weapons for our fists? For example different style of brass knuckles or gauntlets that gives you additional stats like speed, dmg, or magic stuff. Another example to use special rocks (i mean minerals). The minerals can break after x amound of punches. Or just simply add magical aura to your fists from tomes. Example from HeXen: You have the Spiked Gauntlets as a fighter.
  14. LaCr0

    Steam Early Access

    Do Early Access customers get any advantages over regular ones? Like bonus content or lower price? I'm ok with the lower price, but i'm not a fan of extra stuff. I'm not rly keen on early access right now. Espacially after Towns and other abaddoned, not finished games. So please don't "punish" others and force them to buy early access version for content they cannot get in the final game. (Paying for early access content dlc after release is not a solution for this problem...)
  15. LaCr0

    Latest Official Hellraid Trailer

    I think the early access program is for die hard Techlands fans to test these things out. So don't worry you can play the game this autum.