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  1. Hello community! Who knows how to decompile original levels from the game? Saw, as import whole levels of, for example - a Bozak Horde Level. Probably used a Decompiler .level files in .map for further use in the Developer Tools editor. But have not yet found the right information. If who in course, prompt where to dig further.
  2. Hello dear developers, I have a question, is it possible to provide early access for the press? In order to prepare the material in advance and at the time when you allow the publication of data, everything has already been prepared. My Youtube channel has 5500 subscribers. Audience - Russia and the CIS countries. P.S. I really appreciate the desire of other players to take part in the test, i do not ask for any privileges. It just takes time to prepare the material.
  3. Prophet

    How to import custom Speech? In CutScene?

    I still think that the facial animation is generated. As I understand it, scripts are in the files .spb actually, for the animation it is too small file size (for example, 1.7 MB). But this file need to decode, I still do not understand how.
  4. Prophet

    How to import custom Speech? In CutScene?

    I was hoping that the animation of the lips is generated in the editor. (like Source Engine). Well, I will study further. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Prophet

    How to import custom Speech? In CutScene?

    I found, how to import custom .ogg sound - But this imported sound without leeps animation. Who knows how to create facial animation under the imported sound?
  6. Hi everybody! I can't find how to import my speech, in dialogues cutscenes, or movie? The format of the file Dying Light/DW/SpeechEn/all_quests_local.csb (For example). Opened if somebody data files? Or it is possible to import sounds and speech directly into the editor?
  7. I figured out the problem was in the wrong overlay speсular map, or lack thereof. I understand the game engine accepts a model without specular map as the host light, so the texture is grey. Sorry for my language. I thank you for the manuals.
  8. I mean, the Difusse map is not displayed correctly. I exported from 3dstudioMax and from Blender, the result is the same. Probably a problem in the material settings in the editor, but I can't find examples for setting up.
  9. Hi. Don't pay attention to the quality of the model, this is just example. The original texture is black and grey in the editor. But at least, now displays normal map texture, the problem was when baking textures.
  10. I know what you're saying, but that's not resolve my problem
  11. Thank you. But the problem is not the import model with the map of diffuse. Imported fine but does not appear in the model, normal map, map speculâr. The problem is probably in conversion of textures. Or in the settings of the FBX exporter in environment 3dStudioMax. I looked into the settings of the material, physics, wind, etc., but I would like to see at least one model with working materials, all the cards (normal, diffuse, specular) to properly configure the game engine. Because the content of the game blocked by the developers. Sorry for my English. In any case, thank you for the provided manuals and articles, I think I'll find a solution to my problem.
  12. Hi all. Please, help me solve the problem. I can't deal with the export fbx file, the texture turns grey. I can't find a normal manual on export models, setting up textures. The default settings of the textures are blocked. What should be the export settings for the fbx file? I need advanced data tuning the physical models, the influence of wind, etc. Can you recommend anything? Manuals, sites, or something.