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    Wishes and suggestions

    First i want to comment on the suggestions that were already made : the suggestions according the HUD are good, i would like to see that in the game too. when it comes to guns i like the idea of having a revolver in the game, but aside from that i think guns are fine in this game right now. Stuff like Sniper Rifles wouldn't really fit in my opinion. To the Binoculars idea : i don't really know if the engine DL runs on allows for this type of view and rendering distance, just a side thought to that, i would like having that as well though. Now to my own suggestions : can we please get some parkour moves reworked / added to the game? I'm mostly talking about the useless Tic Tac and the removed Wallrun as i would've loved having them in the game, but they were probably cut down short due to time constraints or something like that (at least that's what i think). the Tic Tac feels way to stiff and scripted, a rework of that would be nice (so we could have a proper vertical wallrun and a useable tic tac) and of course add a proper horizontal Wallrun to the movement. Allowing Walljumps and horizontal wallrunning would allow for a lot more creativity which i would love in the game. And while i'm complaining about something feeling stiff : the slide could use a little work too, it feels very slow and weird. these were just some things i would like to see changed as a huge fan of parkour in videogames.