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  1. Tango

    Ps4 Pro support?

    Forget 4k or 60 fps for this game, those're pipe dreams! Adding (at the VERY least) a LOCKED 30 fps for PS4 Pro would be much appreciated. It seems petty to ask for a stable 30 fps frame rate to a 3 year old game in 2018 for an upgraded console, but this stutter jump to 60fps every few feet still makes the game unplayable for me and others. Please tell me I'm crazy or please fix it.
  2. Tango

    Ps4 Pro Vsync issue

    It would be great to have, at the very least, a LOCKED 30 fps. I am sure this is totally possible for a PS4 Pro to do for this game. But patches cost money, so I'm not really sure it is even a priority for Techland. I bought the game prior to getting a PS4 Pro and held off playing it due to this frame skip issue. Now playing it on a Pro, I was very disappointed that boost mode did really nothing for the game performance. Games with inconsistent framerates I get nauseous while playing. So while I do really wish to play this game on my PS4 Pro, it looks like I'll keep waiting. Shame too since it seems they still support the game with free content.