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    Gun Silencer available now

    This is much needed but I feel could go further my suggestions for guns are: All guns are legendary (orange) Camo's and engravings (golden, engraved, spray paint ect) don't affect the weapons damage. You can add and remove the silencer in game by holding X and selecting the option. Similar to how you change the type of arrows for bows. (Xbox one) You can add and remove multiple attachments to guns including laser sights (improved hipfire accuracy and can be toggled on and off) scopes (6x 12x variable zoom, Holographic, Red dot and ACOG) extended Mags, dual Mags (for a quicker reload), Advanced Receiver (increased damage, accuracy and rate of fire), silencers (which can be removed and reattached at will using the previous bullet point and don't require different ammo but when attached reduces damage and range). Have a separate gun crafting menu in which the weapon is displayed and you can select what attachments to add/craft from this menu. You can also add/craft camo's/rare paint jobs from this menu similar to how the buggy paint job and parts menu operates. Rusted magnums are renamed as standard magnums (Rusted Six shooter-Six Shooter) as they aren't actually rusted and standard magnums becomes engraved (Six Shooter-Engraved Six shooter) as they look more fancy. Two sniper rifles types (Bolt action-slower rate of fire but higher damage) (semi automatic- faster rate of fire lower damage). Explosive and incendiary ammo types can be found but are very rare. More gun paints and camo's. Possibly bayonets