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    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    To reduce the power and the radius of attack of the half volley of 50 to 30 it is not logical to be able to kill a zombie in 3 kick Lower the range and be able to dodge the half volley Increase claw damage The damage of the tackle is correct do not touch it however this attack is still less powerful than the famous half volley and it is not normal especially since the tackle is too easy to dodge unlike the half volley The offer also that the uv torch does not remove endurance zombie But what prevents all the same the zombie to dive without removing stamina it would be a good idea I do not think it is useful to improve the mucus however a small buff at the level of the blast radius would not be too bad Increase the temp of human resuscitation and the time to heal too short for me given the slight damage of the hunter a human having duplicated his kit is almost immortal!