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    Ho, i'm sorry for you :'(
  2. Dear Dying Light/Techland developers the first year of content drop has been awesome ! My idea is ... why not give to us more Dying Light ? A second year of content drop would be great and cool ! For ideas for the second year of content drop, do like the first year, hear the community . Ps : For players on this forum send to me a list of features you want in the second year content drop i will list them here .
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    Stop spamming this with your post, pls you ruin the forum more than the game .
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    Bozak Horde Question

    You're welcome
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    Bozak Horde Question

    Yes, you can redo Bozak Horde after finishing him . I have a tips for you : After finishing Bozak Horde for the first time you will unlock challenges for unlock the specials arrows , do them you will love those special arrows .
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    Sort The F***ing Co-Op Out

    Hi guys ! The system Dying Light use is the peer-to-peer there are no servers , you are the server . For example if you are at Washington and you friend are at Paris the ping will be high but if your friend are at the same country than you , the ping will be correct .
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    Some How To Examples

    Nice AdFly links ...
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    Valentine's crossbow

    Unfortunately you need the following :/
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    Fix Matchmaking

    2 solution : Disables invasions in the settings of your game ^^
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    Techland you disappoint yet again

    Develop a game after we'll see .....
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    Where is the app??

    The app is here :
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    Co op games?

    Hello , you can verify the cache of the game . Go to Steam --> Righ click on Dying Light --> properties --> local files --> check the integrity of the game files Wait and try in game .
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    the hunter is very op

    There are already a thread for say this .
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    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Because new players don't know a lot of the game and dont have good weapon . So , its very easy for this patched NH to win against these people .
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    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    I think if you increase the stats of the NH you can increase the rewards that we get (for example in 1v1 a gold weapon if the human wins, ect ......) OK , more difficult but more rewards ^^ I also suggest that only players who have reached half the story and who are in the Old Town can be invaded or be the NH
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    Future content drop ideas

    Wrong section
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    You know , its very difficult to code a game . But you can hope one day .........
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    Colection d armes a feux en or

    C'est un forum anglais et écrit mieux au passage c'est a peine lisible .
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    Dying Light Update Testers Wanted

    Mail sent Good Night , Good Luck
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    Joues-tu sur steam ? Puis je te ferais remarquer que c'est un forum anglais ^^