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  1. Craftgeeking

    XP for level legend

    Go here and learn :
  2. Craftgeeking

    Can't get subsonic ammo blueprint?

    Go here : they'll try to help you
  3. Craftgeeking

    Dying light App

    I can send you the link of the app to install it but you may think its a virus
  4. Herer there a very big community of dying light players you should join it .
  5. Craftgeeking

    Dedicated Servers

    Dying Light have a peer-to-peer server system . Recently, devs said than rewrite the net code would be too difficult and long for good results .
  6. Craftgeeking

    More Zombies

    Yeah the city seems to be "empty" ..... Adding more zombies will be more challenging but very cool .
  7. Craftgeeking

    suggestion to improve the game

    Recently translated in russian , hope you will love your experience .
  8. Craftgeeking

    DL:BB - Night map

    Good idea, i agree .
  9. Craftgeeking

    ranked matches

    I dont know ...... i hope .
  10. Craftgeeking

    suggestion to improve the game

    In english please .
  11. Craftgeeking

    Bad Blood Updates/Next Updates

    i know but i cant do anything But dont report the problems you have at me, i'm not a Bad Blood Dev . Go to techland support
  12. Hello to all Bad Blood players ! I have made this new thread to recapitulate all the information and the rumors which we have about Bad Blood updates and the future updates of Bad Blood . /!\ DUE TO THE DEATH OF BAD BLOOD I'M CLOSING THIS THREAD /!\ (04/09/2019) /!\ Updates order : from bottom to top Merry Christmas all ! The new patch and the new event are invading the place ! ( 20/12/2018 ) Patch 0.2.9 is here and a new event is on the way ! ( 6/12/2018 ) A new in-game event is here ! Stash craze ( and the patch 0.2.8 ) of course . ( 23/11/2018 ) The new patch 0.2.7 is here, fixes are coming ! ( 19/11/2018 ) Sorry, for this very long absence, I lost track of the updates ( 30/12/2018 ) so what we forgot to say in this place ....... 100 YEARS OF POLISH INDEPEDENCE ! PATCH 0.2.6 IS HERE ! ( 06/11/2018 ) Special Bad Blood Halloween Event ( 31/10/2018 ) from October 31 to November 5 More details here : TRICK (F)OR TREAT - the Halloween event in Dying Light: Bad Blood and here : A new cool Halloween Patch for this week is here ! ( 29/10/2018 ) Hi ! Bad Blood players today ( 18/10/2018 ) a new fresh Patch is out ! The Patch 0.2.4 For this week / week end Techland have granted to us a X2 exp bonus ! ( 12/10/2018) Encore update ! Today ( 04/10/2018 ) Techland have released the update 0.2.3, so this is good because Techland released 2 Patch this week And recently Best Gamer Ali have released a video about future Bad Blood's updates . Tuesday ( 02/10/2018 ) a new patch has been out . The roadmap of DL:BB ( released the 28/09/2018 ) Dying Light: Bad Blood Community Update #1 ( 27/09/2018 ) Today ( 19/09/2018 ) Techland have released a Patch : the Patch 0.2.1, an equilibration patch . Here the content : Patch 0.2.1 is here with balance changes and bug fixes Howdy, Founders! It’s been a week since the launch of Bad Blood and this means two things: a better experience for you and even more work for us. Below you will find all the changes and fixes we’ve just made according to your reports and opinions so far. Keep them coming and keep us busy! How it plays better: Shotguns and khukri knives are no longer overpowered. Bows deal less damage in mid-range. Airdrops can now land at 4 additional spots. Airdrops will no longer land next to burning vehicles. If you have already maximum armor, you’ll be notified about it when trying to pick up even more armor. You’ll more often find loot in containers. When looking at a weapon upgrade you’ll now see which weapon can be quickly upgraded. Time needed for equipping and unequipping the Riot Shield is now better balanced. How it works better: You can now use the Borderless Window mode in the visual options. You can now see more HUD elements in the Spectator mode. Colored tiers of weapons are now corrected and consistent with the in-game store. Currency icons are now consistently colored. You can go from the Customisation menu straight to the main menu. You now don’t have to rewatch the opening animation of a loot stash if an error stopped it the first time. We improved the visibility of your in-game wallet. How we squashed the bugs: You’ll no longer see a false “No online connection” notification if you go to the main menu too quickly. We eliminated situations where it was possible to harvest a zombie hive through the wall. Music in the main menu no longer disappears. In the store, the character preview automatically switches to your currently equipped player type. We fixed the animation of using Painkillers when seen in TPP. Your character is always clearly visible in the menus. We added missing geometry near non-playable areas. We fixed the frequency of notifications when there's no online connection. If you are disconnected from the server, you are automatically taken from the game lobby to the main menu. More information and update are coming , stay tune ! Source : Patch 0.2.10 and christmas event Patch 0.2.9 and event Katana Vs. Baseball Patch 0.2.8 and event Stash craze Patch 0.2.7 Patch 0.2.6 Halloween Event ( only from October 31 to November 5 ) (2018) Patch 0.2.5 Patch 0.2.4 Patch/Update 0.2.3 Patch 0.2.1 Patch 0.2.2 Roadmap Bad Blood Bad Blood Website
  13. Craftgeeking

    Aww. removed the exe.

    Normally ( i have a key ) you should have access to the game only the 25 or the 26 .....
  14. Craftgeeking

    All Parkour Fever Solution Sharing

    Yep je sais, et tu as fais les défis Bozak dans la vieille ville ?
  15. Craftgeeking

    All Parkour Fever Solution Sharing

    Bravo, tu as obtenu les 2 succès liés au parkour ? Et fait attention tu es un peu nerveux sa peut t’occasionner des erreurs comme à 1.31 dans la 1ère vidéo et ensuite sur le passage du pont dans la 1ère vidéo . A oui et tu peux glisser pour garder ton bonus de 10 de vitesse .