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  1. matt.colqhoun

    Report player cheater

    I invaded these 3 players and instantly noticed that one of my nests was already destroyed and the 2nd was heavily damaged and they werent showing up on my map at all to see for yourselves how blatant this cheating was.
  2. matt.colqhoun

    BTZ Damage changed?

    I just found out it seems no matter how many humans you are facing drop kick will always do 51 damage which makes absolutely no sense to me if everything else receives damage changes due to the number of humans then why does one of the easiest to spam moves not get lower damage?
  3. matt.colqhoun

    Death From Above, Nerf It!

    Although i do agree with the height changes recently ive felt like even if u jump off a building and land dead on the hunter you just pass through him and smack the ground even tested it as the night hunter. I stood still as they jumped off a wall that was well above 8meters and they never once got the dfa
  4. matt.colqhoun

    BTZ Damage changed?

    To keep this short today during an invasion i noticed that some damage was under what it had previously been 2 days prior. When playing against 2 humans as the hunter a 2 handed attack would do 120 damage to me yet today i tested as both human and hunter in a 1v2 it only did just over 100 damage. So far i have noticed changes to damage from several attacks im not entirely sure what the old exact values were but from testing i found: 1 Handed weapons 42 damage , 1 Handed weapon thrown ~104 damage 2 Handed Weapon ~104 damage Tackle 24 damage These were the main changes i could see from a quick test, bows and crossbows seemed fine (taking into account the crossbow nerf) and even drop kick still did 51 damage which is hard to forget when you get drop kicked all the time in btz. Although the reduction isnt much it does effect the hits to kill amount when dealing with the hunter as for as long as i have been playing btz 3 hits from a 1 hander was needed to kill however 3 hits will leave the hunter with 24hp therefore requiring 4 hits now. Tackle doing 24 damage rather than the previous 30 would alone make several damage tactics fail such as throwing a 1 handed weapon then tackling which used to do a nice rounded 150 damage 120 from weapon and 30 from tackle but now it totals 128 damage or 2 handed swing then tackle which also used to do 150 total exactly the same as 1 handed throw tackle. I don't know if i just missed a patch but it seems weird that the damage was different from 2 days ago let me know if I'm missing something.