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    Wishes and suggestions

    Dying Light's main game was great, i really enjoyed to play. I enjoyed mostly the part when i was weak and try to escape from Zombies (beginning). When it's dark, when thoughest zombies chasing me, even couldn't dare to look back, try to find somewhere to hide, try to escape, try to reach safehouse.. it was really thrilling. But, second part of game, high buildings, grapple hook, killing zombies with better weapons easily, took that feeling away unfortunately. I could escape easily, although i don't need to!! I wish Techland manages to keep fear rising in game in realistic ways. Regarding the "Following".. After i shoot someone in the head and he didn't die, i stopped playing. If there will be a gun that explode like C4!!, game is dead to me. Those were suggestions even if all DLC's wouldn't be interesting to me, you'll be always gamemaker who created a great, an awesome game with first one. But i really wish to play and enjoy a few more DLC's.