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  1. i cant believe it, i fresh installed windows and it still hasn't fixed! WTF! its something wrong with the editor, it has to be!
  2. will try it tomorrow, thank you for the help so far
  3. Its not the mouse as i have tested another one and a new usb port and it does the same thing, it happens on any project i make/have, i ahve reinstalled them 3 times, i have reset windows on my pc and all have no fix, it is definatly something within the editor OR an external software affecting the editor in some way. its just finding out what.
  4. Yep have tried that, nothing changed.
  5. it just sort stays stuck in the middle and when i try to move it, it slides that direction for a bit but snaps back to the middle and i have no idea whats causing it as it randomly just happened. this is stopping me from working on my map as i literally cant move my viewport :/ - Some people on the steam discussions already tried to help but everything suggested didnt solve the issue unfortunatly, was wondering if there is any devs overlooking the forums that could point me to a cause? Link to Steam Discussion with all things tried/suggested: