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    найдена какая то ошибка

    Это вопрос "Найдена ошибка?" сообщите нам. Не обращай внимания на это.
  2. Xx_FRoST_xX

    Developer tool not work.

    This happens on every map, even if I create a new one.
  3. Xx_FRoST_xX

    Developer tool not work.

    Hello everybody. Today I'm faced with one problem that does not allow me to create maps. Every time I try make refresh files, add script string ,movie _ "name" my Tool is crushing. I also asked some friends to do the same thing, and found out that not only I have a similar problem. I tried to reinstall it, but it did not help. Tell me what to do? Maybe can wait for a patch?
  4. Hello. At the last update, "drop # 1 content" The players lost the client launch button for user games. We have to run the client from the folder with the original game. Please correct this problem, ordinary players will not be able to play custom games due to this problem. Yours faithfully your Frost.