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  1. [BD+] Myzo

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Awesome. Ill try it out tonight. Glad that DFAing a night hunter from a car/van is no longer possible lol Its a step in the right direction guys.
  2. [BD+] Myzo

    Can we permanently get rid of this?

    Anytime [:
  3. [BD+] Myzo

    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    As LucasK stated, I feel as if dropkick should be able to be dodged. Ive done some tinkering with the game files on occassion and you can actually give the hunter the dodge move that humans have as well as the lookback skill which lets you tendril backwards. The Night Hunter should be able to learn dodge which would allow for evading dropkicks if timed correctly. Dodging Right - Hunter uses his claws to push the humans legs to the left Dodging Left - Hunter pushes humans legs to the right Dodging Back - Hunter jumps over survivor and pushes their legs down. Dodging would cause 0 damage to the Humans and Humans would not have the recover state like if you missed a dropkick. Either no recovery so no one is stuck in an animation or the recover animation would be fast enough for the hunter to escape but not fast enough for the hunter to have immunity to getting hit with a weapon.
  4. [BD+] Myzo

    Can we permanently get rid of this?

    I believe if you go into game settings and disable hints you will never get the popup. I havent seen this popup in over a year now.
  5. [BD+] Myzo

    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    As per your Request; Top 3 Values To Increase •UV Light Cooldown (Primarily in 3v1 and 4v1) •Drop Attack Height Requirement •Spit Duration Top 3 Values To Decrease •Drop Attack and Dropkick Range and Angles •Spit and UV Block Regen Timers •The Intensity of the UV Light (Primarily in 4v1 since it will literally take about 3 to 4 seconds to drain completely) I agree with LucasK, CartierC, and Vallon on most of their points. The main issue is the animation abuse, its pretty much unavoidable and just buys the humans time. I believe the instant tackle should be added back but as a skill and it should have a cooldown as LucasK stated. 2 Handed Damage in 2v1 has been rediculous since Instant tackle was patched. You are almost guaranteed a death everytime after a failed tackle and there is nothing you can do aside from try to escape or instantly ground pound. Insta tackle helped reduce the 2 handed damage in 2v1 thanks to the animation damage reductions. But since iTackle was removed, its pretty much instant death vs good players in 2v1. I also like the idea for the spikes on your back skill that was proposed to help reduce humans trying to Drop attack. It makes the humans play more cautious and it would get the point across that dfs camping isnt always rewarding. EDIT: Also the combined elementals of Fire and Explosive need to be removed. Fire 3 + exploding stars destroys one spawn in like 3 seconds. If you do this you can increase elementals damage on nests and reward players for combing elementals. Examples including; •Electricity + Water does slightly more damage to nests •Freeze + Impact would slightly increase damage to nests •Poison + Shock would slightly increase damage to nests I dont mean slightly as in destroy nests in under 6 seconds but moreso just add a small damage increase for doing combos on nests. It rewards players for doing combos essentially but wouldnt put the Night Hunter at too much of a disadvantage.
  6. [BD+] Myzo

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    There's no investment whatsoever on balancing the game, at all lol.
  7. [BD+] Myzo

    be the zombie hacker

    Its just a public cheat engine table/trainer. Cant do anything about it bud. Techland doesn't do anything with cheaters and even VAC is questionable.
  8. [BD+] Myzo


    Because they cater to the new players rather than us who play for thousands of hours and want to let newbies have an easier time rather than make the PvP balanced for everyone. :l
  9. Yes I have played and still do. It is much harder to counter nowadays but you still can nonetheless.
  10. Could you elaborate more on some of these? Because a lot of these do not need a rework at all or buffs/nerfs. The only thing that I can find unbalanced is the 2 Handed grapple tackle combo that instant kills. Normally it wouldn't be a problem. However, Techland removed the Night Hunter's instant tackle and now that combo is being abused by many humans. Everything else is balanced, has a counter, or a check. Death from Above: Easily blocked by holding your sprint, forward, and tackle bind while looking up at the human. It just requires awareness. Dropkick Spam: There are multiple things you can do. Hold jump and fly off, jump and then hold your groundpound bind right before you use the tendril to get to where you want to groundpound (It will create an instant groundpound). UV Block/Heal + UV Spit also helps as you can stick them (they are running directly at you) and continue to pounce or get away. Spikes are balanced as well. This comes back to the awareness thing. Just be aware of your surroundings. However, I do agree with you on the buggies though. The damage is just a bit much especially in a 4v4 with multiple buggies. They can stun lock and hit once more when you are finally not stunned anymore. The tackle, grapple hook, and crossbow are all balanced at the moment with the nerfs they implement. The only real problem here is the 2 handed combo mentioned earlier. Grappling hook is an essential part of the gameplay and needed to counter multiple combos of the night hunter. As far as the additional things you said that would be cool, a lot of it would need a bunch of reworking to balance it as itd be too strong. I like the tendril pull idea though. [: