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  1. lemonlover996

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: being able to play with friends. its super cool to be able to partner up and take down a hunter. maybe increase the amount of humans/hunter per lobby? #1 thing that bugs me: there is a rather steep learning curve regarding the skill level. im not gonna lie, im quite honestly a rather horrible human, because i have trouble just keeping up with everything. maybe if we could like mess with the controls on console at rewire the buttons that would help. WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER #1 thing I like: tendril sprint. im going to make an educated guess and assume that tendril sprint was not meant to be in the game, but it has became such a huge part of my playstyle that it would honestly suck alot if it got removed. please keep it in the game. #1 thing that bugs me: animation locking. i can deal with the spammers easy enough, but drop kicking and dodge spamming can be quite a tad infuriating. now granted, when you miss a tackle you should get punished, so i'm not terribly upset with that. but dropkick spamming is still an issue OVERALL #1 thing I want: hmm, im not really sure so ill put a couple of things that would be nice/interesting. a universal mic feature. so you could talk to humans as a hunter. more then one hunter/4 humans. i feel like this would create a lot more chaos and fun. POSSIBLY more skills. if you do end up adding a new skill or something of the likes please do extensive testing. thats really everything. thanks for engaging with the community.
  2. lemonlover996

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    i think the update was well. it feels like it did some four months ago, which is fine enough. i had a fairly decent 3v1 and was mostly entertained. got a little salty after they kept animation locking me but its whatever. spits are fine, maybe a tad nerf to uv heal would be nice, dfa is perfect, uv light is fine, flares are fine, and yeah. i only played one match and it wasnt that great of a match but it was a lot better then it usually was. before the jan update it was filled with so much people using cheap moves and whatever that i took a solid 3 month break on this game. this update brought this game to a good middle grounds. ignore all the haters saying that the hunter is op or vice versa/etc, most of the actual players of this game think this was a well balanced update. i also like they release of the new content since its bringing back some old and new players and is constantly spicing things up. kudos to you
  3. lemonlover996

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    ............ i feel like vallon is one of the only sane people here. you dont care about his opinion but yet you respond to him? vallon decided that people were being unrealistic about the update. the update was good, but it needs tweaking. he gave people his opinion and instead of people acting like a person and taking it in stride they decided the most mature thing was to huff and puff and type away at their keyboard saying 'i dont care about your opinion.' think before you type please
  4. lemonlover996

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    since this has become a pissing contest at this point, i have 2 accounts(ps4), both 60+ hrs, apex, mostly undefeated. i've never heard of a player running around using his fists. if you are an ultimate surv and have played as often as you say you do, i think i would remember a player running around with his fists... you list many exploits for the hunter, yet fail to list some for the human. for instance, the grapple cancel, literally infinite items, poison bolt(thanks for the patch, but still somewhat used with pros and spammers, dropkick lock, etc etc. you complain about these tackles, but most of them are counterable. it feels like the only way to tackle a true pro of dying light is if the surv is blatantly not paying attention or cant possibly evade (in mid air). most of the time about 90% of my tackles are evaded with a true pro. you unconsciously depicted yourself as a pro saying you've been against nearly every zombie, so how about you start acting like one and try to improve instead of complain. p.s., humans can still evade tackles through buildings, and some pros even bait the zombie out by waiting below a van or something alike.
  5. lemonlover996

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    havent really checked up on fanbase for a while, and i know that i heavily defended night hunter and liked the buffs, there are basically no good ultimate survs on ps4 now. i only played surv right after the patch, so spits werent heavily abused, but when i played surv it was near impossible to play. update was definitely a good step but now it feels like the human community is dead.
  6. lemonlover996

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    you are describing a lot of specific scenarios for these. it seems you've yet to understand the true power of a dfa spammer. i agree with you, rewarding a hunter for missing a ground pound is ridiculous. but, if you've gone up against a duostack, one at nest, one at a building, i found it impossible to enjoy that. getting dfa was probably the biggest cheese of btz mode. i can take a couple, yeah, but when some guy does it over and over again, i find myself not enjoying btz mode. personally, i love the new update. of course, my opinion is biased since i have many hours as hunter, but next to none as human. but look at it like this; i play dying light for fun. its not very competitive, and half the community is a bunch of tweens and teens anyways, so virtually no point in playing competitively. i do, however, like to win. of course, i know sportsmanship and you cant win them all but going on a losing streak because some guy held one button and hopped off a building is nothing short of aggravating. i also understand that people favor the human over the hunter. but was it truly fun being able to insta kill a hunter over and over again? you stated that the reason people camp is because of poor game design. sure, there are some kinks in dying light but most of them have been ironed out and even the stuff that still exists isnt that terribly game breaking(besides duping, but that is so commonplace by now hardly anyone cares). anyways, people dont camp because of bad game design. look at other games, for example planetside 2, basically any battlefield or cod game, hell, any game with a player vs player mode. camping will always exist for this reason; it's easy. it is ridiculously easy to sit on top of a building, jump off of it and fall ontop of a hunter and get a kill. the people who camp do it because why should they have to try hard at something when you can just take the easy way? a good sense of morals very rarely exists in video games, since people can be a different person online. dont hate the game, hate the player. also, video game designers try to punish campers by having the afk timer put on, like in overwatch. judging by the essay you have typed out, im gonna go out on a limb here and say that you were mainly a survivor player. thats fine, but you have to understand that your opinion is very biased. "And by the same measure, if humans are overpowered then hunters should enjoy the challenge of winning 1 game in a thousand against weaker playing survivors." man, i hope you were high off something when you were typing this, because if you have failed to see the pure idiocy and hypocrisy in this statement then i wonder how you function as a human being. excuse my coarseness, but man where is your decorum at? developers giving players a mountain to climb is definitely necessary, but the mountain you describe has fire rivers flowing down the side, angry ninja's constantly trying to kill you, and is a couple thousand feet tall. now, a sane person would walk away from this mountain. if there was only a .01 chance to win a game, then who in their right mind would play it? people play btz to win and triumph over the opposer, just like any other pvp game. obviously, this update isnt perfect. i booted up the human mode and played one game and the hunter i was going against kept on animation locking me when he didnt stick a spit. other than that fact, the match was perfectly enjoyable. the hunter was actually somewhat competent and felt enjoyable to play against, and i had to play smarter. usually when i play surv i just copy moves that are used against me, but those moves no longer work, and so using basic problem solving skills i managed to deduce that i could use other tactics, like shotgunning the hunter pointblank (which surprisingly drains a fair amount of health ) and then dropkicking the hunter away, which led to the hunter escaping with 50-80 health left. or, using the rain death ability with a smack hammer ( i completely forgot what the ability was called, but its where you slam down the two handed into the ground and it has an aoe effect) to drain most of the hunter's health. there are a more than fair amount of tactics/abilities that have been left untouched by this update. only the most abused (even then, dropkicking and grapple animation cancel have been left untouched) tactics have been nerfed, but you can still use them. be happy that it wasnt blizzard updating this game and that you can at least still use some of these tactics. wrapping up my rather long rant, i guess you should at least try to play differently. step out of your comfort zone a bit, try something new for a change.
  7. lemonlover996

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    perfect explanation of what's happening here. the update, which many of you proclaim to be the end of the world, is actually quite balanced. now, you can't please everybody. sure, you can appease the general audience but there is always going to be that one heckler in the back that just has to get his opinion out. maybe, instead of whining in the forums about how 'i lost fifty games,' perhaps change your playstyle? instead of running around with a machete, how about an axe instead and use the untouched grapple cancel combo on the hunter? or maybe, take advantage of the broken hitbox for the hunter and do jump-swipes with a one handed and wear down the hunter? at least try to change the way you play. that was the whole purpose of this update. i was also slightly amused when i saw all the 'unbalanced' messages. you survivors yearn for balance, but yet you have infinite medkits, flares, positions, poison bolt, etc. if a human wishes to use everything that their kit has to offer, then they could very likely win. haven't i told you the definition of insanity? how about using some basic problem solving skills to solve the issue at hand instead of throwing a hissy fit. honestly, you guys should be thankful that the dev's at least managed to update the game.
  8. lemonlover996

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    i see.... this community doesn't seem to understand... in games, people will always flock towards the most overpowered items/weapons. for example, in overwatch people play junkrat, in battlefield people spam grenades, etc. you all shouldnt complain when a hunter uses a well known tactic. its literally human instinct to win, and some people will use any means necessary. if the hunter/human is playing dirty, that gives you the right to play dirty for example - i was playing hunter and went up against a particular dfa spammer one time. i'd be fine with dfa, but this dude only killed me with dfa. so, i busted out the ol' gp spam and cucked this dude into the seventh dimension and got a pretty satisfying message. if hunter is spamming spits, use shield ( i think shield still blocks? i dont really play human and havent seen that much shield action gameplay but idk) if hunter is spamming horde spit, hide in water, use camo, hide on buildings. you all say these things dont work, but have you actually tried? same with uv spit. just quickly equip flare then look behind for quick animation. if the hunter got you then you were too slow. even the animation hold is counter-able. if hunter uses spit, misses, pounces to ensure spit, you can quickly equip flare and get one ready. you have about half a second to do this and sometimes it will fail, but you just have to accept it and move on. that brings me to another topic, guaranteed kills. listen, not every kill is guaranteed. everything in this game has a counter, no exception. if you lost, its because you didn't take advantage of the counter or you were countered and didnt adapt. improvise, adapt, overcome. words to live by when playing night hunter or human. using words from before, the night hunter now has the slight advantage. this is only a number, by the way. around 90% of the time, stats are wrong so instead of crying in the forums why dont yall just play the game and settle it like a true gamer. also, didnt i tell you the definition of insanity? its doing the same thing, over and over, expecting a different outcome.
  9. lemonlover996

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    its funny seeing people moan and complain about the new update. you all wanted an patch, here it is. the point of the patch was to change your playstyle because the other one left the advantage to the humans. now the hunters have the slight advantage. i think the spam while playing as a human can still be an issue, but you guys are definitely overreacting. chill out for like a couple weeks until people get used to the update and if you still think that its that bad, then complain to techland about it.
  10. im just going to assume right off the bat that bad blood wont actually have an open beta for console, because of the completely different coding etc. sure, i can live with that and watch some random youtuber but i have a couple of questions. will the ps4/xbox updates be the same time as pc updates or will they be halted like content drop 0? if we own dying light/have the season pass/etc will we have free access or perhaps a discount to the standalone? and lastly (even though it is not a question) please take your time when making this. ignore all the people asking "where is bad blood, etc". we all know the problems that you've had with btz and hopefully you've learned from them so take your time and polish up this game mode. id rather wait until june of next year and have a fun, balanced game mode thats fun and exciting instead of having it released next February with glitches, bugs, and bad mechanics. wish you luck with this endeavor of yours techland
  11. lemonlover996

    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    first off THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY LISTENING TO US. its nice to know that someone is going to do something about the balance of this game. most of the suggestions are already stated, except maybe that grapple hook animation cancel. maybe you could decrease the range of the tackle and make it harder to pull off. you could also prevent mid air drop kicks, or prevent humans from dropkicking after they failed a dfa. main things in notice when i invade- humans are spamming. whether it be dfa, dropkick, or crossbow humans always seem to be spamming something. decrease reach of dropkick, dfa pls james humans are dupers/250 lgnd rank. duping has become a rather common medium in the world of dying light and 99.99% of ultimate survs arent legit. sure, maybe they climbed all the way up but they did it with 9999 meds or 9999 flares, etc. decrease amount of meds/flares/etc that humans can carry (maybe weight limit??) exploitings/cheap moves/hacks? exploiting the grapple hook has become very common, for example swinging a two hander + grapple hook to cancel animation after damage is done + tackle = death for hunter. ive noticed now that if you time a grapple hook just right a hunters ground pound is rendered useless since the human is in the air. remove ability to use grapple hook when swinging an axe/ after human took damage. maybe prevent humans from using grapple hook if spit stuck? autobalance. already been stated above. remove entirely pretty much sums up for invading as hunter, now human turn. general spam. when the hunter invades, there is pretty much only two ways to kill humans. medium range, and close range. hunters close range attacks consist of: tackle, gp, claw, toxic spit. medium attacks consist of: pounce, horde/uv/sense spit. hunter is too predictable, making it easy for humans to take advantage of it. the consequence of this is spam. when i join a lobby as a hunter, i find my self doing the exact same thing every time, for example gp + uv spit + uv heal = human death. or perhaps shoot uv spit at human, miss, tackle to prevent human from getting away due to animation, uv heal, death. increase the skills for hunter. generally very boring. because of the predictability of the human and hunter, nothing new ever happens. sure, some close matches are held but none of them are actually entertaining. just take a look at any montage of dying light. human runs around, gets a couple dfa, maybe some aim assisted crossbow kills but thats it. probably the main reason dying light is dying (pun intended). increase the amount of humans per lobby or hunters per lobby
  12. lemonlover996


    true. you arent the only person complaining, auto balance has been a highly controversial subject since the release of btz and i honestly dont know why techland just removes the function entirely
  13. i know that these have counters, but if you are a noobie then these tactics are pretty much unknown to them. it took me 3 mutations to figure out i could stop dfa by tackling. as for the spikes, those arent very balanced for the hunter. i find myself often just tackling a human off a building, then happening to impale him on spikes. dropkick spam is avoidable, but it mostly requires luck. if you get drop kicked in a wide open field in the following, and the other guy runs up to you and dropkicks you, omae wa mou shindeiru the only way to avoid dropkick spam is if you get drop kicked off a building, into a wall, the human has to climb something to get to you, or they weren't coordinated enough to follow up. unavoidable tactics are cheesy and not fun to play against. thats why i abort
  14. lemonlover996

    Win/lose ratio or K/D ratio?

    no. just gotta keep track of your records by yourself
  15. lemonlover996

    Report player cheater

    ...... this is a feature in the game. its called camouflage the humans, if they are high enough of a level, can kill a zombie and hold the interact button to rub zombie guts over their body, making them blend in with other zombies for a limited time (they can also drink a certain potion to become invisible to zombies). in be the zombie mode, the player disappears from your HUD and a question mark is replaced for his last known location. if you manage to see the human when he is camouflaged, then it will look as if his player model is red. his health probably increased instantly because he is playing on normal. if you heal on normal, then 100 of your health is healed automatically. this guy isn't cheating. you just weren't informed of the game functions/haven't played human.