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    Stuck on First Assignment

    *** HELLOOOOOO *** This is fixed when a player joins but techland or something should look into it further so it doesn't happen in the first place.
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    Stuck on First Assignment

    Hello, I have a problem and it has completely stopped my gameplay at the moment. You see, I bought this game with a friend and we played in co op. It eventually came to a point where I got frustrated I couldn't buy ammo because my personal story line hadn't reached such a point so I came back to solo until I could at least buy ammo from shops. This is where the trouble starts. I played solo to the point where I needed to speak with the GRE after Brecken's night mission failed. Apparently, the night time is perpetual until certain conditions are met but I don't know what needs to be done. This may seem silly but it is a major problem when your mission after talking with the GRE is to team up with Brecken in the Tower's HQ but its still night and I am too early in the story for elevators to work at night. Not only this but all beds wont let me sleep. I've been to all my unlocked safezones and even cleared new ones to test but I am stuck in constant darkness surround by very agitated zombies with no way to progress the story or even sleep. Please help me fix, I want ammo, I don't want to have to restart. I don't know if it changes anything but I play in nightmare mode, have done about 33% or more of the story in co op. Maybe there is a way to force the beds to work? Maybe I am missing just one key point for the day to come or something but please tell me wtf went wrong. -Chicken Milk