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  1. I30R6

    Just some questions

    Wow an fbx exporter would be so awsome. Anyway/Anywhere i can download the beta tools? I dont need rigging skeletons or any other animation stuff, i want export the slum architecture to use it maybe for a distopic cyperpunk VR. Just a little project i try to realize in Unreal4. Everything 100% non commercial and just for myself to play and lern, how to work with UE4. Im not sure but i think it isn't illegal in this way. I didn't worked with ripper tools or something like that bevor, Nina Ripper looks really powerfull, but very annoying too. Download every single model and texture, and edit everything inside a CAD/CGI tool. Its a lot of work Do someone know a way to export a complet level inclusiv the objekt hierachies and histories? Like a fbx eporter would do it. Or any solution to crack the game files? They are all zipped in rpack files typs and i dont know, how to extract them
  2. I30R6

    Just some questions

    Hi, Thank you very much for your answer 1. yeah i asked the Techland Support and got a support ticket. 2. I dont mean save files from the devtools, i mean the normal save files from the campaign. In dont want to play everything again on the steam version, if i need to change from gog to steam. 3. Did you never tried to export something? I know from the youtube tutorials videos, it is possible to import own 3d models, is there maybe a export button or anything? best regards I30R6
  3. I30R6

    Just some questions

    Hi, Just three simple questions: Is the developer tool available for the GOG Version? Is it possible to copy the save files from my GOG version to the Steam Version if i buy it too? Is it possible to export the ingame Files (3D Meshes, Textures, etc) from the Developer Toolkit to use them inside another game engine like Unreal4? best regards I30R6