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  1. So I have a few ideas for dying light, firstly it would be amazing to have a place specificly made to be 'your' home base. One that starts from almost nothing and can be upgraded using supplies for other things. Possibly add more supplies specifically for building up your base. Things like defenses could be available, although quite expensive. Possibly you also have the ability to be raided by a enemies, like a gang of raises guys (soldiers or desperate survivors maybe too) or a horde of zombies. Second It would be more dynamic if there would be hordes that move across the map, and I mean like dozens of biters and some of them can turn like the ones in nests. There may even be other special types like goons, or spiters. You would be able to spot them by a mini map icon that would be a big red circle sorta like from ghost recon. Now of course there would be a reward in it for anyone brave or dumb enough to get near the center. Which would be possible or hard to do by stealth. Third of all I'd like to see in the following dlc a garage that can be taken over, which could have the ability to be upgraded like said base from number one. It wouldn't be too much of an issue if not, it could just be a safe house. Either way in it you would see bilal, who would be the one that gave the quest. You would be able to build different cars, maybe using your buggy as a frame or just from scratch. It would be expensive, there would be new materials that could be collected, and there would be car parts that you could build or find. I hope you like my idea, and I pray that techland sees this!