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    so youre defending the fact they cheated the game by allowing 2 hunters in a single invasion just on the fact that you played with them before? im not exactly surprised. whether you like it or not, having 2 hunters in a game isnt allowed by the games vanilla rules, sure if they had kept this between people who knew what was going on that would have been all fine, but they intentionally went into games against players looking for a fair game just to have an unfair advantage. what about having 2 hunters in a single invasion is okay?
  2. CR-Teeny

    Report Player Page

    And how does that stop double hunters, a hacking hunter can stll join the game and bring along his buddy, never once did i say the human in the report was the hacker, i merely said and i said by assumption, not fact, that he decides whether the game will make for good "Trolling" or whatever. so how does turning off COOP directly deal wth the hunters. stated n the report that one of the hunters was the hacker, so by hs own accord he can still invade games and bring along his buddy. and me, beng a player who WANTS to play invasions, for you know... fun? how do avoid him as an individal? he use hacks and he plays wth an unfair advantage of 2 hunters even if the human counterpart wasnt there. so how does turning off CO-OP help me? please tell me you actually read the report before assuming im just complaining. at the end of the day, there were 2 hunters, whether i avoid it or not, thats still not allowed n the game and gives them a massive unfair advantage against any players they come across, ths gave is VAC protected, this SHOULDN'T be allowed whether i avoid it or not. i play for fun, this isnt fun, so its a problem. sure your way works for toxic players, but toxic doesnt mean cheater. you can avoid toxic players, they dont exactly do anything wrong ther than just being annoying. these guys are actually ruining the PVP scene and im supposed to jut let it happen when i actually want to play PVP?
  3. CR-Teeny

    Report Player Page

    and that solves the problem of the hacking hunter, a hacker that allows a game with two hunters mind you, who are both cheating? have you completely missed the part where i said "i wanted to play invasions" emphasis on wanted me and my guys had invasions on "anytime" meaning we were looking for them. you cant pick and chose your hunters. by your logic, i shouldnt ever play invasions just cause some hackers are out there, even though THEY are the ones in the wrong. yes, great logic, punish the victim and let the aggressor roam free.
  4. CR-Teeny

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    so rather than addressing a situation pretty much everyone is like "avoid it and hide" yes, perfect, allow hackers to run the game how they like and practically ruin it for everyone. am i not allowed to play invasions with friends now cause i wana avoid these hunters? whats stopping the hunter from just invading on his own and bringing along his buddy? do these questions never cross your minds? think of every possibility, sure i could do all that, but what about everyone else? just because ive stopped them from invading me doesnt mean they will stop, they will just find someone else, and then someone else ETC, did none of thiss cross your mind or are you too focused being lazy and not doing anything about the people who ruin this game for honest players who just want to have a fun, fair game. sure, cheating can be fun, but ts a scummy thing to do to do it in a game where other players expect fair play, and yet you shrug it off and tell the victims to "ignore it"?
  5. CR-Teeny

    Report Player Page

    yes Trolling... you ARE aware it shouldn't be possible to have two hunters in an invasion right? without mods/hacks you can only have a single invader, a single hunter, not two, the pictures already show two hunters, so i can only assume you didnt look at them as for answering your questions, yes, During the "resets" there were no loading screens, it just showed up the "Hunter incoming" icon again and all lives and nests were restored. as for avoiding, maybe some people enjoy playing invasions, you know, a fair game, a fun game. and yes, could have avoided it, but would this problem be sorted if no one talked about it? wth the way the game is set out, the same people can join you time and time again, theres no blocking or banning system, so once i leave tht game cause tehres obvious cheating involved, what can i do if i wana continue playing invasions, sit around want wait for them to join me again?
  6. CR-Teeny

    Report Player Page

    So this is about to be a fairly big problem for the whole community if it isn't sorted, just ran into a group of 3 people, working together. the Human player in question, joins games, and invites TWO Hunters into the game, now have no idea how they go about this, but, this happened to my game and two hunters invaded at the same time, not only that but they had the ability to "reset" the hunt, using trainers i would assume, resetting the hunt once the game came close to any conclusion. after a while, when i finally figured out what was actually happening, i posed as gong AFK while they messed around with the Human friend of the group, i took what little evidence i could, considering i dont have recording software. here i provde both what screenshots i could get and their names at the time of running into them, along side their steam profiles incase they happen to change their names. the First hunter to be mentioned goes by the name "✪ Nubling ✪ " and appears to be the main "hacker" the second hunter in question is named "Resh" just along for the ride as i observed. the human in this case is named "1shotnokill" he seems to lead one of the two hunters into the game which then allows them to join off each other using some sort of mod or trainer. i assume the human player in this case comes in to evaluate to see if the game has players who are provocative enough, i didn't get screenshots of their language as i wasn't too concerned with that at the time as i was getting the evidence of their hacking. alas i fear they do this purely to ruin peoples games and to get a reaction as their language is very egotistical and demeaning towards the other players in the server This first picture is the most damning of all. showing battle logs of both hunters doing... hunter stuff on both me and the other human in question who was the one who co-operated with them to bring them to my game. this was the first picture taken, before i decided going "AFK" might get me more evidence. This second picture shows one of the hunters standing right in front of me (they were getting bored, just for context) and then just outside of the tunnel, you can see the other hunter in the dark, or, looking at the minimap, you can see him hghlghted using survivor sense This third screenshot, using survivor sense shows on the minimap that one hunter is on the roof of a building jut to the right of me and off to the left n the distance is the usual "Ping circle" of when you detect a hunter, but, due to the first hunter being the original, only his icon shows up And finally this 4th one showing the player list, showing that me (as the host) and the other human player, and then then "Resh" n the hunter slot, Nubling can be seen down in the chat/battle log as he tackles 1shot but not in the player list