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  1. Dominatez

    Fantastic Techland! Thank You!

    Must admit, i have never played it with anyone else online.
  2. Dominatez

    Kyle Cranes Voice

    It doesn't sound like the same voice actor as the original Kyle Crane. Is it a different voice now on the following ?
  3. This has annoyed me as i have cancelled my Amazon order and re ordered the cheaper version without the Be The Zombie Mode. Amazon has just put up the season pass today with no price, but it would seem that Techland are giving us the contents of that season pass (Thank You very much and this is very much appreciated). I actually booked next week off work (much to my sadness now) to enjoy playing the game which i won't be doing now as i will have to wait another month unless i shell out for a digital version from Ps Plus which i refuse to do.
  4. Were u being serious or Sarcastic about everyone getting the BE THE ZOMBIE MODE ?
  5. Dominatez

    Game Release Countdown!

    A non digital (Physical) release date is what most people would like to know. I refuse to be blatantly ripped off on the Ps Store for a digital copy. I would buy it on Steam, but i prefer to play it on console.
  6. February was the original launch date then they moved it forward to January, and now they can't even be bothered to actually say "Guys, we are sorry but this is what is happening...." This is just too much trouble for a spokesperson from Techland, and i stand by my comment of "If this is the same support as they gave Dead Island, Then we are up the creek."
  7. Come on guys. What did we expect ? They released that piss poor game Dead Island and never fixed half the bugs, ignored emails, cries for help from the community. It's happening with their new game now. DO NOT EXPECT any help, support or even basic answers from Techland as when things are going great, they want to talk about it, but when the chupacabra hits the fan then SILENCE. We should have known better after their first venture into gaming and realised that this will be no better. Have you wondered why another company have picked up the rights to do Dead Island 2 ?? Now i know why.
  8. Yes, And I did order from Amazon, but all of a sudden, they now have a version with be the Zombie along with the original one I bought. So all of a sudden there are now two versions on Amazon and I did not order the new be the Zombie version as I ordered back in August the first version that is still there. Not happy Techland as you guys have been very rude and are just unwilling to answer our queries. Very very bad customer service.
  9. Not that i don't trust you Techland, but i screen shot all the original pages when you state that when we pre order we will get the BE THE ZOMBIE MODE. Now it would appear that you have changed the main page to say *Only from certain retailers. I don't think so. You made us all a promise, and i for one would like you to kindly stick to it. You cannot release one version, then closer to the time start releasing other versions with the content changed and blatantly lie to us. Even your spokespeople on here have said we would get this mode. I think we would all like to know if you will be providing us with a code to unlock this and it can be tied to our weapons docket receipts.
  10. Come on techland. Help us out. Let us know what we are getting as this is getting silly and we know you read these posts.
  11. Dominatez

    About The Dlc

    No.Techland state on the main page (screen captured) that all pre orders and it links to Amazon etc will get the Be the zombie mode. They have to honour their own deal or it will end up in the hands of lawyers which will cost them money.
  12. Same issue here clemo. Can someone from Techland please sort this out as soon as possible as you will have a lot of unhappy pre order people.
  13. Dominatez


    I have just emailed Amazon and screen captured the site on here as it states we would get this mode if we pre ordered months ago and not a new game at a new price. This is false advertising, and I will take it further. I am not spending more for something we were told we would get in good faith if we ordered it back when it was first available. Or will techland issue us with a code as a gesture of goodwill to enable this feature ? But it still is not what we were promised or sold. We await your response techland.
  14. Dominatez

    Exact Release Date

    Can we please get a firm release date in February ? So i can book the whole day off work to play. Would help a lot as i would imagine a load of people would like to take the day off to play the game as i am.
  15. Dominatez


    Will you guys actually support this game ? Will we see patches to improve gameplay and fix bugs and not just forget about it like you did with Dead Island and Riptide ? I'd like to see you initially supporting the game for a while before you start to sell add on content as people refuse to buy add on content if the original game is broken let alone supported. So. The question is. Will you support this product after release and if so for how long ?