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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    What would you guys think of a short non cannon campaign based on the night hunters origins and how he is connected to the volatiles? I imagine gameplay changing like this: Rather than turning on a "safe zone" full of zombies, you insead find a way to turn off the power, kill all the humans and then turn it into a volatile nest. Rather than "air drops" you get a group of people every 1-3 days that you can capture (i know it does not make much sense) and have them turned into "volatiles". Rather than "volatile nests" that you can blow up/destroy you will have a tunnel or cave that can be turned into a dark area for nests. Rather than "night time" being the unsafe time to do things, "day" is the time that is unsafe because the sun will burn you, slowly draining your stamina and also rather than "volatiles" being the strong/scary enemies humans armed with guns and heavy armor will be walking around (you cannot pounce on these enemies). What you think? Do you want something like this to become a thing?