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    Night hunter need a potential buff

    The hunter doesn't need a buff more like a revisit to his attributes right now as it currently stands the Survivor is more powerful then the Night Hunter and the reason for this is because the Survivor has the advantage of equipment and need I say that an infinite amount of equipment because of duping and glitch exploits people have unlimited medkits flares and potions that they can use without any consequences or or regards of running out I don't have many hours into the Hunter but I can tell you from playing both as the Survivor and the hunter the hunter is underpowered most of the time regardless if there are a legend 250 or just beginning to play the game most of the time they're always playing on normal difficulty why would anybody play on nightmare or hard when they can simply dupe or use a glitch to get infinite amounts of XP to instantly level up it makes no sense so every time a hunter goes to invade another player nine out of 10 times that player is going to be playing on normal difficulty and here lies the problem on normal difficulty insta heal is possible and most legit Pro survivors know how to dodge tackles and ground pounds and use a medkit and then instantly have full health it takes around 5 call tax to kill a Survivor and four to five tackles or ground pounds to kill them when it only takes a Survivor 2 hits from a heavy weapon to kill you techland needs to implement a patch to wear no matter what difficulty no matter what level or skill when a Night Hunter invades no Survivor can insta heal or spam Med kits to fix this problem you would simply add a regenerative healing effect to the med kits and have a 15-second cool down for every medkit applied so that way it would eliminate any possible medkit and as it currently stands if a hunter invade survivors with two or more players it is nearly impossible for the hunter to win especially if he's inexperienced or not legitimately apex predator most of the time a Survivor will simply just camp on top of a roof or huddle together wait for the hunter to strike drain his energy and then kill them and then move on to the nest rinse-and-repeat the hunter has no chance of Victory if it is a one versus four scenario so do I think the hunter needs a buff no but do I think he needs to be Revisited and reworked yes the first thing that needs to be worked for night invasion is get rid of the medkit spamming for one second is reduce the cool down for the night Hunter spits around 45 to 30 seconds depending on the auto balancing the third thing is the UV light is extremely overpowered its range is absurd it's cool down is laughable the UV light can stay on for around 10 seconds but the cool down for it is only five so please tell me how that is fair the cooldown should be around 15 to 20 seconds and the range decreased about 20 to 25% the four thing in which I believe is the most crucial weakness to the Night Hunter is his energy it drains too fast less than 5 Seconds of continuous UV light is being beamed upon him I believe it should be around 8 to 10 seconds for a more balance and if for whatever reason the night Hunters energy is completely drained he is still able to run Sprint and jump that way he can still have a chance to escape if his energy is completely gone and the number 5 reason they should look at is that on a 1 V 2 situation I think is fair for three strikes with a one-handed weapon to kill the Night Hunter and two strikes with a heavy weapon however on a 1 V3 it should be four strikes with a one-handed weapon and three strikes with a two-handed weapon and on a 1 V 4 it should be five strikes with a one-handed weapon and 4 strikes with a two-handed weapon I don't really care what anybody says but the truth is the Night Hunter is underpowered at the moment and I repeat myself I do believe the hunter does not need a buff but more of a rework or a revisit for balancing issues and better game experiences because if this continues no one will play as a Night Hunter anymore and if they ever make a Dying Light 2 and they want to implement the Night Hunter invasion no one will want to play it because of the bad experiences they've had from the first one
  2. Man is techland doing anything to fix the night Hunter he is completely underpowered right now if you get in a match where it's a 1v2 or more your fuked the hunter needs a buff these is horse chupacabra all the the Survivor has to do is Camp on top of a rooftop spam flares wait for you to tag drain your energy and then kill you within three to two hits how are you supposed to beat somebody who can kill you so quick now if there are two or more survivors it is literally impossible to defeat the survivors especially if there's three of them all banded together all they all have to do is hit you one time and your instantly killed the hunter should still be able to run or Sprint and jump even if his energy is completely drained how can you do anything if all of it takes is less than 5 Seconds from a UV light to drain your energy not to mention that UV lights range is incredibly long it's absurd in the cool down only last 5 Seconds and if you're going up against a bunch of ultimate survivors and their happened to play on normal or a bunch of Legend 250s and they're playing on normal all they have to do is medkit Spam it takes four to five tackles the kill one Survivor but as soon as you tackle all he has to do is spend one second to use a medkit and boom there instantly healed please tell me how that is fair when you are spending time and time trying to kill them and yet they never seem to die and all they have to do is hit you twice with a heavy weapon in your dead the hunters spit cool down is also crazy 90 seconds to 2 minutes come on man that's crazy and it needs to be like 45 seconds to start out with and then the more players that are in the game drop it down to 30 seconds to a minimum cool down to 15 seconds and the UV light range should be slightly decreased but the width maybe slightly increased but the cool-down should be greatly increased to at least 15 seconds also to help get rid of the Medkit spammers they should have or implement a solution to wear no matter what difficulty or level or skill the Survivor is playing at it does not insta heal them instead it has a regenerative process also after the medkit has been used it takes another 15 second cool down before you can reapply another medkit and the regenerative process should take longer than that when someone is playing on nightmare if these changes aren't met or implemented soon a lot of people are going to stop playing as the Night Hunter because he's too weak he's supposed to be the alpha predator the superior being over humans at night and yet he can simply get killed in a matter of seconds there's been people playing as survivors who are so good and the survivors are so overpowered that they don't even bother going after the nest they just take their time killing and trolling a Night Hunter so please tell me how that is balanced it's not techland if you get this message please heed this advice it would behoove you to do so instead of listening to the corporate bureaucratic chupacabra that are in your office maybe you should start listening to the people that actually play the game
  3. Berserker25

    Night Hunter Needs A Buff

    First off I agree with you on that the Hunter is completely underpowered and let me explain why. 1. All the Survivor has to is use his survivors sense know where you are camp wait and kill you then destroy the nest rinse and repeat 2. Because of these duplication glitches a survivor and Max out in of matter of hours this makes match making useless 3. The fact that a survivor can med kit spam and become immortal simply by dodging and one second later 100% health it's a never ending process 4. Also the Survivor has unlimited stamina if he's maxed out or when he's not playing on nightmare And here are the things I think that techland needs to fix in order to make it more balanced get rid of med kit spamming that's complete BS also shorten the range of the UV light and increase it's CD also make it harder for them to drain his energy 3 seconds come on man that's horse chupacabra and there's one thing I hate it's where you pounce on some one and right at the last second the flick there light and interrupt your pounce BS man it should be 95% 1v1 90% 1v2 85%1v3 80% 1v4 for better balancing also reduce the CD of all the hunters abilitys to 30 seconds or less with out your abilities it's extremely hard to go to tow to tow with them also when a survivor is invaded regardless of skill level or difficulty med kits should have a regenerative ability instead of insta heal and cool down after each use and also regardless of level or difficulty stamina should have a drain meter the fact that they can infinitely Jump Around side step back step and jump and Dodge and wait to drain your energy and then kill you is complete and utter horse chupacabra I also believe if the hunter loses all of his energy he should still be able to jump run or Sprint when his energy is completely drained that way if he needs to escape he still has the option to do so because right now the hunter is completely underpowered and useless against two or more survivors the matchmaking system needs to be instead of level it should be about experience or the different mutations that the zombie has already undergone because the fact that you can be a zero mutation and only a level 10 and be pinned against a level 250 Max Survivor is utter chupacabra also ground pounds and tackles should be more balanced and utilized and more efficient way if someone misses a ground pound it's instant death for you or if somebody misses a tackle they just come up behind you and drop kick you tackles are complete and utter useless it does hardly no damage and they see it coming a mile away I feel like tackle should be harder to evade and do way more damage than they do right now the ground pound animation is too slow bulky and it can be seen coming from a mile away easily dodged and if dodged all they have to do is drop kick you and hit you one time with a two-handed weapon and you're dead ground pound should be faster as well as do a lot more damage than they do right now and if hit a player with a ground pound they shouldn't be able to steal hit you while being thrown in the air or quickly get back up and attack you and kill you in two hits the spits on the hunter or very underutilized and very inaccurate I feel like the blast radius of a spit should be increased by at least 20 to 25% and for beginner to mid-tier Hunters if they were to enable auto aim the accuracy of the spit should be increased by at least 25 to 30% until they are better at using their Spitz and spit slam should also be increased by 30 to 35% AOE for better coverage if these changes were implemented I feel like and more people would probably feel like that the hunter well be more balanced and the game would be overall more enjoyable to play and if techland where to add these into a patch or an update I would feel like a lot of people especially the people who play as a Survivor would be angry and salty over these changes well that's because you suck at playing this game and you can't do it without glitches exploits duping or spamming and in that case you probably should get better before you start playing Night invasions because despite all the arguing in the world the fact is the Night Hunter is underpowered and the Survivor can easily kill the hunter with little to no problem especially if there are two or more survivors in that Lobby or session
  4. I just finished a match with 1v1 and was winning and this match only should have lasted about 25-30 minutes but after taking three of his lives another player joined both of them legend 250 on fuking normal that fight lasted 1 hour and 27 minutes they had three lives left and a third person joined at the end the fact that people can join mid game when your trying to do a 1v1 and they call there friends because there getting there azz handed to them is horse chupacabra not to mention through the entire match the fuking med kits spammed the whole chupacabra time a probably would have won if it wasn't for those chupacabra med kits spammers look man if you legend 250 play on chupacabra hard or nightmare or better yet techland why don't you fix this problem instead of sitting on your fat chupacabra because the Hunter is at a huge disadvantage cool downs take way to long they can kill you 2-3 hits and then there's the dupers and spammers how is some supposed to go against 4 survivors when all that chupacabra is going on use your heads for once and actually listen to the chupacabra customers
  5. Normal hard or nightmare regardless of the difficulty btz there should be no insta heal that's bullshit I GB one guy 6 times and clawed him 3 times before he finally died all because he spammed the ever living chupacabra out of them med kits it was my understanding that the Hunter was supposed to be the stronger one but because of duplication glitches and exploits people can can reach max lvl in of matter of hrs that's completely horse chupacabra techland needs to fix this because btz mode is broken as chupacabra the Hunter is completely underpowered right now