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  1. Gregu

    Buff Hunter

    Buff hunter @James Gallagher
  2. Gregu

    Make BTZ an official mode! v.2

    You would have to put it in the game by yourself, and make it playable online through hamachi or something.
  3. Gregu

    Make BTZ an official mode! v.2

    It is true though. Techland listens to the casuals, not the elites.
  4. Gregu

    Make BTZ an official mode! v.2

    If the devs can't listen to the Elite players that have given balance suggestions, but listen to new players. Good luck with them even noticing this. It won't happen.
  5. Gregu

    4/5/2018 Complete Details on Patch

  6. Gregu

    Dying Light PC tournament

    Gregu is a NM+ cheater smfh.
  7. Gregu

    put secial zombie

  8. Gregu


    no, die gta bad overhyped game
  9. Gregu

    Report Player Page

    Lmao, Keenan is only telling you how to avoid it, your complains here wouldn't matter since devs are not trying to fix cheating. I like playing against 2 hunters, alone, I know I won't win, but I find it fun. If it's gonna be fixed (which it most likely wouldn't be) I would be sad. I agree that they shouldn't invade random players, but it's a good challenge if you like it. Ps. Keenan is a weeb.
  10. Gregu


    I had 10 lives on last nest, then autobalance kicks in and I win with 2 lives left only. Very funny techland, 200m away nest, thanks.
  11. Gregu


    best patches 2018, where no one is happy
  12. Gregu

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    Nice fu©king logic, Pete. Because telebombers are 109348477575% skill and iTackle is 0% skill.