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  1. Natteee

    Prison Heist Contest closed?

    Exactly. I am confused as well.
  2. Natteee

    GP Spits.

    Oh that's not a problem at all mate. I am actually a very casual and relaxed player. While I do find a big enjoyment in competitive games I just don't really care about losing and derank. I just enjoy the game and try to have fun while improving and trying to become better. So it should not be a problem at all. I guess I am just not confident in that aggressive playstyle really. I am more of a passive and careful planner, but oh well.. being able to adapt is important. One playstyle might not always work against every opponent. I already have an Apex save. I got around 110 hours on it by now, been playing a lot trying to get level 60 on it which I got recently. But because of this gp spit being easier without gp knockback I mutated my second hunter and now I basically have all the essential skills on it. Currently a Carnivore. I guess I am aiming to hit a second Apex with it.. Basically since I gave up on my main save after realizing how much better gp spit is without the knockback. And yes one of my favorite moves to do is to counter the dfa with tackle. Always a fun thing to do. Excuse me if there are any grammar mistakes, I am very tired right now.
  3. Natteee

    GP Spits.

    Interesting. I will try it out and see what I can do. I am watching many different hunter gameplay videos and trying to learn new stuff. We will see. In general I am just a very inconsistent player. I sometimes play really well and feel great and other times I lose to people I should win against and I just feel really bad. In general I lack the mental advantage too since I have no confidence when playing, but oh well. I don't take it too seriously I just try to have fun and improve. I also believe I have all the mechanical skills down currently. I wish they brought insta tackle back since I was practicing it and just started getting the hang of it when they removed it. Right now I just need to polish each skill so I can be consistent with it and execute it more frequently without so many mistakes.
  4. Natteee

    GP Spits.

    Ah I see. I mutated my second hunter and now trying to level it up. I have been gp spitting a lot now without the knockback skill, and I can definitely say.. It's so much easier. Hitting a lot more of them. Of course just like Relentlos said, it's pretty much a stick all the time if you knock them into the wall even with the knockback. But of course you can't rely on hitting people into a wall or an object all the time. For my playstyle Vallon. Well.. I have been using many different ones. Used to rely on speed and tackles back in the day. Then I realized the importance of spits. Been going thru many different playstyles. Right now what I am comfortable with is to play fairly passive and go in for gp spits whenever I attack and try to capitalize from that. I truly lack the skill to be aggressive. I am horrible at it. I try to claw and ground pound and tackle and do many things but I end up getting sliced etc.. I want to become better at being aggressive but I am just not sure how to go about it right now. I claw survivors and they fly far away and I miss the ground pound follow up. I jump around and run around the survivors in attempt to claw and tackle them but again.. I end up getting sliced usually. I also use the howl ground pound whenever I attempt a gp spit (most of the time). Some people like to read me and my tactics and counter it with the hook for example. That's why I sometimes just do the normal claw ground pound so they can't time it correctly and hook away. However is there a good way to deal with people trying to counter the ground pound like that other than playing mind games, fakes and reading them instead? Pounce, tackle? (This question is not as important, but any advice would help!). My energy just gets drained which is when being a good ground pounder comes handy. However I am not good at it.. Do you possibly have any good tips or advices for becoming a better aggressive hunter? Anyways thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it. I am very new here, I just registered a few days ago. I thought it was a good idea since it seems to be a good place to discuss BtZ releated topics and learn some new things.
  5. Natteee

    GP Spits.

    I recently started practicing gp spits. Since it's not really in the game anymore I know it's hard to hit them and all. Is it easier to hit the gp spits without having the increased gp knockback skill? If so, how big is the difference? Are there any other tips for being a better hunter when having a rather passive playstyle. Just really focusing on hitting gp spits when going in for a fight.