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  1. Disinfo

    Dying Light optimisation for Low end PC and Laptop

    Lower the resolution and disable effects. Stop all programs when playing the game, especially Chrome. If that doesn't help, you might need a new computer. I play it on a 2 year old laptop (intel i5 / 4 GB Nvidia card)
  2. Disinfo

    I want to report a Bug to the Dev Team

    General Discussions - Well, any moderator can move it to where it has to be :).
  3. Hello! I really hope the dev team follows the forums. The bug I've been encountering since I bought the game 2 years ago is the following: I have two Keyboard layouts on windows: Bulgarian and English. If I start the game with my Bulgarian layout on and I go online, even when I switch later to English and want chat with other people, all that my messages would consist of is "??????". Every time this happens I have to stop the game, make sure I'm on the English layout and start it again. It's very annoying and I'm pretty sure a lot of people have this problem.
  4. I was just saying in another post that DL developer tools need a wiki!
  5. Disinfo

    Adding Birds in the sky

    Thanks! The mesh works fine, although the behaviour is kinda weird - flying in one place. It's the same like when adding the one for fish. In the actual game they fly/swim around, but I'm a bit afraid to add the animal class to this object, since it is what caused my map to crash earlier. Wish there was some sort of wiki for all these things. We got the developer tools, but everything we have to figure out by ourselves.
  6. Disinfo

    Adding Birds in the sky

    Does anyone know how to add birds in the sky? I've been trying to find out how to do that for a while now. I'm not finding anything in meshes or effects. Thanks in advance!
  7. Disinfo

    Game crashing when loading my custom map

    That was the first thing I did. Just manage to locate the problem: what I did was to delete large selections with models on the map to find out which area is causing the crash. It was this invisible object. Thanks for the help!
  8. Disinfo

    Game crashing when loading my custom map

    I am trying to do that now, it's going to take a while. Posted all objects to a new map once, it crashed in the same way. I suspect it might be caused by a grass mesh. Hopefully I will get it all fixed and post a video of some of my complete work soon.
  9. Disinfo

    Game crashing when loading my custom map

    I got two spawns with the required names in the quest script. Here's a link to my map. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8zaKWbeF3KLblRxQmNwT1E5MDQ/view?usp=sharing Can you try it?
  10. Disinfo

    Game crashing when loading my custom map

    I am getting a MapStart [HomePoint/Spawnpoint] error in the quest editor. Could that be causing the crash? My original spawnpoint is still there though. What would be the right way to add one of those? Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8zaKWbeF3KLRldBSzlka09xOVE/view?usp=sharing Update: fixed the spawnpoints, by adding two Spawn Points and giving them names as in the quest editor. Map still crashing the game while being loaded. Also, is it possible to "migrate" to a new map and keep my terrain? I did some quite complex terrain editing with hills and wouldn't want to lose that.
  11. Disinfo

    Game crashing when loading my custom map

    Here's a link to the crash log for my map. (30 mb text file) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8zaKWbeF3KLNk9fSDhuXzE3eEE/view?usp=sharing All meshes with errors were removed, left only one global envprobe, removed my new dynamic lights and it still crashes.
  12. Disinfo

    Game crashing when loading my custom map

    Removing objects with errors, the game still crashes when loading my map. Is there any way to find out what exactly is causing it to crash? Like a log file or something?
  13. Disinfo

    Game crashing when loading my custom map

    This is what I get on Map Loading Errors
  14. Hi! I have been working on a map for over 3 weeks now and so far everything had worked perfectly. Today I added some dynamic lights with lamps that turn on at night (not sure if they are the cause) and the game started crashing when loading my map. Tried validating and finding errors, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Can anyone help with resolving the issue? For a moment I though it might be because of duplication of the lights (I copied the first one that I made to save time). Any help would be appreciated. I also added some FX here and there, before it started crashing. (dust, hot air refraction, etc) Could they be the reason?