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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    Possible Idea For DLC Number X (Non-Disclosed) Pre-build story. Allow the return of the forgotten character Ken From the early-story development. it was shown in the older Pewdiepie video's. Allow to possibly have Ken as a unlockable outfit for completing the DLC Mission? And finally, And please. End ken's story. it was never disclosed on what happened after the demo ended. and you never get to see or hear any mention of him in-game. unless it's unused audio files? Ken's Physical Description: Ken is wearing a blue open shirt with a yellow t-shirt and is wearing tan shorts with black shoes and he is wearing a black digital watch on his left wrist. (Straight from Wiki) So, As a DLC. or even additional free content. Add a backstory event/bounty/quest To Ken to see what happened to him. And like I said. Have his outfit/Character be available for use in the costume selection. Sources Below: http://dyinglight.wikia.com/wiki/Ken (From Early Acess/Pre-build) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoY5X23KF5s (Video Informing us on Ken's backstory. don't mind Pewdiepie.)