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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    1A wallrun ability maybe? 2Supported dev tools to create mods, new enemies and new weapons. (So you dan publish them to steam or something else)3 Custom difficulties so you can change maybe change the time it is night, make certain zombies stronger or weaker, loot drop chances, strong zombie spawn chances, stronger zombies in certain areas etc. 4 Just more special zombie types. 5 Zombies getting stronger in certain areas as you progress through the game (optional in the difficulty editor) 6 Multiplayer PVP mode 7 Just more abilities and skills. 8 Mutated zombies that not only look different but also act and fight different, for example: A mutated volatile with small change in the ai? A faster viral mutations? Bigger biter mutations? Abilities like charging for biters or other zombie mutations? Sorry if i am asking too much but this are my ideas to make an amazing game even better:) Thanks for reading.