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  1. Col. Bliss

    Dying Light MMO

    A lot of games are like that, I don't like the idea of micro payments.. I believe you should only have to buy the game once. If its a genuinely good game that has new high quality content you might be able to convince me to make monthly payments that is if the content isn't just rehashed old content with different point values like WoW is. It would be interesting because the % chance of being bitten and infected is exactly what you don't want to happen so people instead of camping high grade zones would be much more inclined to keep on the move to refrain from having to chase antizin drops. The ones that are already infected would have to compete over them and that's one more nail in their coffin along with all the other many possibilities that could kill the player.
  2. Col. Bliss

    Content 0 disappointment

    I played for 2-3 hours and only found 8 soldiers. The thing is, they just replace the hostage event, where there is one survivor lying on the ground getting kicked by 4 guys. The trailer also makes them out to be serious business too, when they're really just reskinned Rais Soldiers. No new tactics, no new weapons, they have no impact on the gameplay, and that's honestly kind of disappointing, especially when they put out that trailer that showed all these neat new things they would do. I went to the area that they supposedly were inhabiting and there was nothing there, in fact they don't do anything as advertised. Is this going to be fixed or was it just a sham? There's not even patrols... these guys don't move and there's no new airdrops, this was pointless cause they take hours upon hours to spawn 4 soldiers that do nothing.
  3. Col. Bliss

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    Well I think antazin should be based on Airdrops, should be a small percentage chance that its an antazin drop, they should add variety to the drops such as like the military crates or TEAR soldiers or just other types of gear, Grenades, Ammo, Guns, Food, water, High grade weapons and ammo/attachments for weapons should be in the military drops. Competing for those drops should be a 3 way battle between bandits/Tear soliders/ you and hoards of undead.
  4. Col. Bliss

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    Well seeing as there's a few big plot holes in the story they should resume. They also should add an antizen meter to the game seeing as you're bit yourself and require the stuff to motivate players to go after these things. There should also be military airdrops for the T.E.A.R soldiers loaded with weapons, ammo and grenades. It would be awesome to approach an airdrop and have a three way shootout with bandits, T.E.A.R soldiers and yourself on top of which would be hordes of infected
  5. Col. Bliss

    Dying Light MMO

    Well perma death was just one consequence of Day Z there are others that could be used such as putting an emphasis on money and antazin as currency. If they somehow made those very important by creating a game economy then Upon dying losing a significant amount of the money you carry would provide incentive not to die and to use caution. I like the idea of losing everything you have because it puts everyone on equal footing and seeing as in games like Day Z and H1Z1 they're terribly riddled with campers. Sure you'll have your high military grade loot zones in a game of this nature but dying light keeps emphasis on fast pace movement or get swarmed with infected and large scale mutants that will rip you a new one.
  6. Col. Bliss

    Dying Light MMO

    I was thinking about it this evening, what if Dying light were turned into an MMO. No I'm not talking about your average WoW MMO. I'm talking Dying Light mixed with Day Z, The dying light world of scavenging and missions combined with a massive open world such as a country, with harsh survival elements that Day Z possesses. Start off with several different factions all with their own objectives and goals (GRE, Ministry Of Defense, Rais Bandits, Tower Civilians as examples), then you can make your own choices deciding if you should choose to help further their interests or go rogue and go out for yourself. Player encounters would also be a big role, scavenging for supplies and encountering hostile bandit players, rival factions or running into allies in a scavenging party. All of this to contend with along with hoards of undead and mutants and trying to locate precious antizan airdrops. Groups players teaming up or competing to capture airdrops of antizan or weapons/supplies. In depth player customization, finding different articles of clothing and gear in the world to customize your character. Players should only get a one shot life, as well as take great care not to get bit by infected otherwise suffering a serious penalty, realistic injuries, sickness, hunger and thirst as well as sleep. Thoughts and or opinions? I just think this would be an awesome idea.
  7. Col. Bliss

    Complaint / suggestion regarding Content #0

    I agree they should have been made to look more tactical. I mean some of them are wearing sweaters lol... They should have body armor, gas masks, grenades and better grade weapons and as previously stated they should engage you, rias men, and any civilians. I like that they're finally adding more content, but they advertised this in the trailer and gave us some guys that just stand around lol.
  8. Col. Bliss

    Complaint / suggestion regarding Content #0

    This should already have been addressed in my opinion. I too was expecting heavy-armed soldiers patrolling the city and killing everything and everyone in site. I've seen nothing of the sort, there should be patrols of 4-5 heavily armed soldiers patrolling and this should be a more frequent event. They should engage all zombies, Rais thugs, and civilians. They should also use grenades instead of throwing knifes.
  9. Col. Bliss

    The Latest Patch Issues

    I'm going to put this here, I know the first DLC just came out yesterday but the trailer advertises a false point. In the trailer it's made out that there's a new force in the city and that they'd be doing patrols in the city looking for their target and killing everything in their paths. I have yet to encounter this, i've only encountered a single group of 3 of them just standing there and 2 of those had machete's. They don't seem to engage the zombies which is already flawed AI behavior (along with the core game AI/Rais Men) and Immersion killing, they also don't seem to engage Rais men, which they should.
  10. Col. Bliss

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    I'm thinking a lot more outfits and guns would be warranted, seeing as the game places emphasis on outfits. Such as making more of Rais thugs outfits available, the Gas mask should be combined with those outfits or the T.E.A.R solider outfits. We should have access to those, we should also have more gun options, seeing as the majority of guns use the exact same models, give us some new models such as M4 Carbine, G36k, Hk416, M16A4 ect. Also there's issues with the AI, the AI outside of the fortresses do nothing, they just stand there with hoards of dead right outside, they don't engage the zombies, nor do they engage each other. They should also have grenades. Should add in the Ministry of defense soldiers as well. There should be several factions not just two all fighting for their own interests and fighting each other as well as the hoards of dead.