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  1. SpecterUnseen

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    As a level 60 apex... brought back. Lost a lot of the fun as hunter with that gone for me. Hunter is more evenly matched than ever, sure, but still against a Ultimate survivor like @Hank J. Wimbleton .... well I'm really lucky to get a few kills in there :-) I'll also add that with preparation, it's super easy to counter the instatackle as a human anyway, so it's more of something that helps give an extra shot at surviving than turn the tide entirely.
  2. SpecterUnseen

    Report Player Page

    @CR-TeenyI'll chime in as someone who doesn't mod currently, and never hacked the game. I don't even use mod'd weapons in PVP period. I've been in a few of those 2 hunter rounds and only once did they ignore me about stopping. Every other time the players you've mentioned have been stellar coop players and did it to spice things up for a bit. 1ShotNoKill, Nubling etc, those are players I've enjoyed playing with for a while (normally I've not seen then mod'd during rounds I've played). Just saying there are some good players just having some fun. I've never really had much issue with people joining and doing that, normally I join their round and they are messing around, so try asking them instead of "reporting" especially if non-vac secured. Don't even waste time on non-vac secured. If you want no mods like that playing vac-secure gives you some footing at least. Good luck, just remember there are a few bad apples, but lots of really good players to enjoy it with. @EricfernandezNot sure purpose of those post, as reporting in steam is one thing. Not sure devs are monitoring for banning players based on your input. Also, some of the issues you mention are not actual cheats, just annoying or part of the game. Spamming flares is perception many times, hiding when hit with a spit is a legit strategy if you can do it, etc. Not saying I wouldn't love a way to really track/report real cheaters or bad players, but not sure this thread will accomplish any of what you want
  3. SpecterUnseen

    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    I'll throw out there that I've been a lurker for a while. I've logged more time on this game than any other, so thank you for such an awesome experience. As someone who's put the time in to max the hunter, I'm dismayed. I've accepted that the hunter is the underdog against ultimate survivors (Pete said "Glass missile" I think). I'll probably play less now with these changes. Yes, NH is "overpowered" to the inexperienced, but against the crowd that I find available now with hundreds to thousands of hours, it's an amazing feat if I can take them down to half their lives, much less make it a really close game. With some (talking to ya Hank Wilmbelton Jr :-) I'm lucky to get 2 kills. Granted, I'm not claiming to be the "best NH" out there, but I've been told I'm pretty good, so I'm just saying these type of nerfs against the hunter feel a bit disappointing. I'll keep watching and hoping for continued progress. As someone who works in development, I understand there is a definitive balancing act that is very difficult to do, so regardless kudos for making such a freaking epic game, and I do look forward to the DLC!