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  1. Hachiigen

    DLC suggest: Gunplay

    It would be nice to see this implemented, although i don't think stuff like scopes should have durability. Any moving part or parts that the bullet goes through (I.E. barrel, silencer, upgraded loading chamber for higher rate of fire) should have durability. Stuff like the stock, frame, scope and grip for example could be excluded since there are no moving parts.
  2. Hachiigen

    Combination weapon, new weapon

    please add AA-12 shotgun to this list, preferrably with a drum mag
  3. Hachiigen

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    The move you are referring to is called a DDT, but it would not be effective / unrealistic against biters since the arm would be within the reach of the zombie's mouth. I suggest going for a powerbomb or german suplex =p
  4. Hachiigen

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    THIS! A thousand times YES to this idea. It would be really awesome if it also becomes available for online play, thus tracking the score of your team. Do make it a large open area, preferably in the shape of a Colosseum or something in that direction. EDIT: I just remembered you guys have an Arena on the map already, it would be cool if you could get to it through some sort of quest that's at the start of say, a tunnel / cave?
  5. When i noticed the update i was really happy there was some new content for Dying Light, I downloaded it right away through Steam. Started the game and went looking for the new enemies, in particular the new "heavy-armed" soldiers. When I finally found some (a small group of 3) after about 30 minutes of running around, I charged in head first, dissapointed to find 2 out of 3 had melee weapons. After this I spent almost 2 hours running around like a chicken without a head without finding any more. Seriously guys, when I watched the trailer for the update i expected a fight, a REAL decent fight with some actual resistance. To add something positive to this post, I noticed you guys fixed some bugs, good job! My suggestion would be: - increase the spawn rate of the new NPC's if the player has cleared the story. If this is not possible, increase it for everyone. - to balance the increased spawn rate, increase the amount of items needed to craft / unlock the new outfit. - PLEASE give them guns. Thanks for reading and i hope you consider some of this input. - Hachiigen