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    Night hunter need a potential buff

    I have played against hunters of all kinds and all ranges including the apex. Guess what? I have defeated them without any equipment. Playing alone I have come to defeat apex range hunters without any complication. The only difference between a really good hunter and a novice hunter is the intensity and aggressiveness in the attacks. But I repeat, if you do not commit any survivor's failure to fight, you do not even have to lose a single life. Just by being attentive to your movements and having a decent reflexes you can win without any complication. The night hunter seems to me a weak zombie both when I play with him and when I play against him
  2. Let's compare the night hunter with the survivors to see if you see where the superiority of the nh with respect to the survivors : - The night hunter can use his spit after a great period of regeneration. Survivors can use ultraviolet flares, medical kits, bombs, grenades, etc. as often as they like without having to wait for any cooling - Survivors can make continuous spamming of airborne kicks, airborne deaths, tackles, weapon launches ... without assuming any risk and without the possibility that the hunter dodges any ability. The night hunter can only take blows that do practically no damage compared to what they do to you at one stroke, tackles that can dodge without any problem and make them ahead, behind, sideways or even climbing, and a Land blow which if you fail you're dead - The only way to win today with the night hunter is to take advantage of the mistakes they make while playing. If they do not make any mistakes they will not have any problem in destroying the nests without that nothing can be done. This shows that because of the skill of the hunters, a survivor if he does not make a mistake does not have to die once Well, where is the superiority of the hunter to the survivors? In the speed of movement maybe ?. The night hunter would have to be the most powerful zombie and is nothing more than a joke that can be defeated very easily. Increase HP, damage your abilities, allow you to block or dodge skills such as aerial kick and aerial death, add some useful skill and not another stupid spit that are worth more than to try to make them dizzy. And to see if we cut a little bit to the survivors, that they if they can make spam of each and every one of its resources