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  1. GamarClaa

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    I have seen a reply of this post talking about a zombie arena with hordes of zombies that could be like the far cry 4 arena where every five rounds its a special horde that could be with a demolisher or a volatile idk. It could be really easy to implement using the rais arena and also adding a new skill tree that you can level up in the arena and it would give you new guns or advantages in the arena that would help you to reach highest rounds. Sorry for my english ADD GUN ATACHMENTSSSSSSS
  2. GamarClaa

    DLC Weapon idea

    oh men thats awesome i love this idea. the sniper rifle would be at the rais tallest building in the final part of the game
  3. GamarClaa

    2017 DLC IDEAS

    Hello to everyone who is reading this post i want to give some dlc ideas to improve the game. First of all i would really like to see weapons attachments like supressors or sights that would be found in police vans or you have to craft them (new guns like sniper rifles rpg or any gun you can imagine would fit really god into the game too). It would be also really great to add weapon paints that you can change because its boring always looking at the same grey pistol while you kill the zombies. And the last idea is that you can customize the safe houses like adding guns on it or electric walls idk you will have quests to find the components you need to craft it. Thanks for reading hope you like this ideas and it would be great to add them on the game.
  4. GamarClaa

    Dlc idea

    Men adding gun attachments would be awesome because you will have to craft them. Weapon camos would be really great too