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  1. Hello fellow dying light enthusiasts. I would like to express some basic ideas that i would love to see be put into furture dying light dlc or a possible sequel. Now i will just keep it simple and to the point i can go more in depth if people get interested in knowing more of my ideas so here i go. #1 make me care about the tower/farm by letting me upgrade it and changing things around. #2 make the zombies attack the tower/farm like a defence mini game kinda like how riptide tried to do and let them kill off npcs if i fail to defend successfully. #3 make npcs matter give them stats that determine how useful they are for the tower/farm and make a system where i have to decide which npcs to get rid because of my next point. #4 the tower/farm has a suviver cap because of supply reasons. When the cap go beyond its limit you need to make decisions on which npc to keep and which to kick out. #5 weapon skins. You spend alot of time at looking at your weapon, how about making the weapon look more awesome. #6 solo players can have a npc follow them out in the world. In dying light i always feels lonely how about a AI friend for those who have no actual friends :'( #7 i love the buggy how about a motorbike? These are a few ideas i have more but again want to keep it simple please tell me what you guys think and even express your own ideas thank!!