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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    So to comment on the thread title and give my observations as a player who beat campaign recently but new to BTZ as a survivor. I could care less about rank nor could care about others spamming tactics personally. I casually enjoy playing and Dying Light is my favorite. What I have learned with BTZ (1v1 survivor) is this. You will die. You will die a lot. At least initially. So what. Use that to learn, not rage quit and/or give up on this mode. Each hunter has a unique play style (as well as survivor) and each hunter has different abilities - so do you as the survivor. You are forced to learn more than just what the campaign mode offers the first time through - you have to be able to split second switch your inventory depending on the situation, master all the tactical movements, interleaving flares/uv, shield, dodge, grenades, etc. Everything is counterable in some way. If someone is spamming a movement, you grind it out to find how to counter it. But yes, its really hard which is why it is exhilarating, and you become an even better player over time. I thought that the NH was way OP for 1v1, and it is only if you qualify it with the fact that most are untrained for this style of game play initially. Bottom-line for me is that I am newer to this mode and understand the difficulty for others. I spent many hours reading online and researching if it was worth my time to try and compete because things were "unbalanced" or I was always paired with some mid-to-upper ranking NH. But its actually quite simple, you have to master what you have, and master the "chess board" by not giving up the initiative. If you lose, its because you still have work to do. But yes, 1v1 is my primary way of playing BTZ as a survivor and the challenge for me is like crack (I guess) I appreciate it, but If I was a rank chaser and not out to just have fun and appreciate a good solid battle, I probably would have given up or gone to another way of playing (non 1v1).