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  1. Starting a Game Plus on the original campaign won't reset your progress or character in the Following. Your level sounds high enough. Hard mode is easy enough if you have good weapons, and if you are open to co op it's even better with other players. The only slightly irritating things that do happen in Hard mode is that you cannot detect virals on your map, buy ammo from shopkeepers and your flashlight turns off over time. Also make sure that you don't join somebody else's game, otherwise you won't get the reward for completing the game on hard.
  2. AlexisHGriffin

    Community Even Bounty

    Here are some screenshots of this happening: I'd get a high number, then when I go to sleep or reach a checkpoint I often save. However whenever I open the game again it reset my bounty to 261, every single time.
  3. AlexisHGriffin

    Community Even Bounty

    I'm taking part in the community bounty event: Carnage "Global kills with buggy weapons" However every time I get over 318 kills, quit the game and then load my save again it resets it to 240 or 261, yet never the highest bounty I was on originally. Especially since I got up to 400+ kills last night however this morning it's down to 261 kills again. Help please?