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  1. Gattos

    Report Player Page

    I always thought of "reporting" or cheater lists for Dying Light as a "Don't waste your time joining these cheaters". If everyone playing the game stopped joining the cheaters no one would cheat anymore (although it's not exactly possible to get every player to follow such a list). Just food for thought.
  2. Gattos

    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    Not from my point of view, although this video was recorded today. Unless I'm mistaken this is proof that instant tackle still works... am I missing something?
  3. Gattos

    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    I'm quite confident it's less than 3 seconds, and you get the point anyways; seeing as the debate was about increasing the time it takes to revive. Although I don't use instant tackle myself I've been insta tackled by another hunter on several occasions today, after dodging their tackle. If it matters to you: I personally liked the way hunter was, being able to use these tiny "exploits" that are now being fixed, and I'm all for buffing the hunter as long as the crossbow gets fixed and night hunter boosters go back to normal I don't think it's fair that I can't share my experiences just because I don't have the same amount of time spent in BTZ as you guys, but whatever floats your boat.
  4. Gattos

    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    I think an issue with this would be that with such a long revive people will simply die while they are getting revived (even when hunter is dead), seeing as the time human are down is already pretty low in btz mode. Perhaps with a change like that (let's saya 3 seconds to revive) in addition to something like being in the animation of reviving will save someone from dying, even when the time runs out? @Pete Donnelly, Instant Tackle still works.
  5. Gattos


    There has already been a patch as of early june, nerfing humans and buffing hunter (slightly).