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    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    Sorry but you should watch this video to see for yourself some of the "tactics" humans use (and this is supposed to be "ninja skills"), shoot and switch to 2 handed then kill the NH, or evade tackle and kill him... There are a few of these that i can admit were skilled, but not many... NH MUST be skilled in order to win, humans can just play (notice that the humans receive hints all the time on what to do) This is not true. The whole game teaches you on what to do, flares and UV FL that's just it. "But humans have to learn the gimmicks", Hunters have to even more. I don't know where are you getting these numbers from because reality presents itself very differently (oh, and the full green bar thing? Sorry, a human just went full turtle on flares, there is little to do there). I have either to depend on luck or a bad/noob player to win, there is no fairness the way things are, the mechanics are frustrating in it self, all my movesets can be evaded effectively by humans, but the contrary doesn't work. I don't think anybody deserves a nerf or buff, simply change how mechanics work, it is pathetic and humiliating to a hunter to be one shotted. Curiously I can't DFA volitiles when human but "the ultimate zombie" i can and they are paper thin. Again, hunters shouldn't have to run from humans instead they shouldn't be able to get near them. For instance, what you could do to balance this in a way humans won't be able to kill you so easy. Humans Remove DFA from humans Flares have less CD (they can throw as much as they want but the time to throw the flare is longer and they have a 4 sec CD between flares) Flares are limited but have a much larger area of effect (Only zaid flares works on NH and you give humans for free on the start and each time they die, this prevents spamming too much) UV Flashlights no longer makes NH vulnerable, instead they drain until it reaches 0 but doesn't go vulnerable (only the flares do that because they emit stronger lights) UV flashlights don't consume as much "stamina" from the start anymore but instead it gradually consumes more NH stamina as long as it keeps him under the light Humans won't/can't move as much when being pounced (preventing 180° pounce block, i can agree with 90° though) DK doesn't do damage to NH anymore Grapple hooks doesn't do damage anymore, instead they stagger the NH. Humans respawn almost instanly when after dying Night Hunters Once you go vulnerable, you just F'd up, you can't do anything, only jump slightly, the rest continues as it is You have only one UV block and the CD is huge (3-4 mins, doesn't reset after death, it serves as a mean to reduce the F up punishent giving you another try) and it only permits you to use tentacles, nothing else, the amount of CD and UV block stacks scales with the number of players and its duration as well Reduce the distance you can pounce Make sounds NH make less audible (I can hear them from a Fn mile) Much more HP and resilient to all kinds of dmg (headshots can one shot only if it is from a bow or crossbow, all other weapons need 3-4 shots) Spits CDs are much shorter but it's area is shorter (when a hunter succeed in killing a human that is not affected by any spit effect, you shorten a bit of the CDs) Tackles are not animations anymore but can be aimed properly and doesn't need to be running to do them (they can't be dodged anymore if hit, you can dodge like normaly but not with animation or prevent the NH tackle by dropkicking him before he starts his motion as it takes just a ittle to do the tackle) but the damage it does is reduced, on top of all that, if you miss your tackle you stagger, so if you try to tackle carelessly on a human that is on top of a flare, you should aim well or think twice because you will be vulnerable after a miss (your F up). GP doesn't erase the flare completely anymore, it just blows it away to another place (he will still be affected from the flares effect a bit) GP doesn't have the stagger anymore but it just works for humans in your area of view (about 150°, so no GP on the back anymore) GP spit makes the spit type you used be blocked for a certain amount of time (area of effect shortened because of GP area too) You have only one spit timer to all spits and 3 stacks (if you empty all stacks the CD is longer for the first spit, you have to manage the spits well) The nests are a bit more fragile to melee but are resilient to ranged dmg (that counts explosions from granades and whatnot but if its explosions or damage from the scenarios like gas bottle or gasoline barril or even the bricks you find here and there, it is powerful). I think I covered most of the scenarios that are just plain stupid and/or frustrating, the point of these would be to prevent the possibility of a "survivor" instead of "trying to survive", begins to hunt the hunter. As it is today the catch frase should be "good night, good hunt". Doesn't mean that I am right, just means that I am not satisfied with how the mechanics work especially on the NH side yet. I know it would take a little more than a patch to do these kind of changes but i would be glad to pay some money to this promising game. You guys are on the right track, needs a little more polishing i would guess.
  2. lithior

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    This "may" is very random it seems... I just invaded and let the human kill all "nests" without touching him, supposedly he should be doing "well"... Nothing new, just the 2 "broods" there... I see what you say but i don't see that in game. The punishing factor still stands, why do you think lower tier have a slight edge (if what you say is truth), because noob humans can get away with mistakes where hunters can't. You have to play very good against a decent human to not make the game a frustrating waste of a time. Also, I constantly search for humans to invade so i refresh a lot the serching screen, the amount of solo players is astounding and then there are some duos, most of the experienced players play solo or duo, all groups of 4 players were noobs or not that good (this is a personal experience here), but the amount of solos and duos indicate that: Could be that the game is not as played as before therefore making 3-4 players rarer The balancing starts to really kick in with 3-4 players, the hunter starts to be more useful (CDs are shorter, health is properly balanced, etc), thus making players stop going in 3-4 There was this player who could evade all my tackles atempts and one shot me or leave me with 30 health... So tackle was out of the options too. Being a hunter is frustrating as it is, the way mechanics work makes you feel like a pile of trash sometimes, you are a hunter, humans should be running from you, it is humiliating to see a human hunting you because he can, he has the means not to fend you off, but to hunt you... Survivors shouldn't have the means to one shot you, they should have the means to keep you at bay...
  3. lithior

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    Everything was an improvement, also kudos to you for trying to balance this rather old game. I would like to note that the event that took place these days show that the game is very unbalanced still favoring the humans... The results were 476170 (lets put an easier to see number 477000) hunter kills vs 373282 (374000) human hive kills. As hunters we have to kill 10 times, humans have to destroy 5 hives. So to at least be 50-50 the hunters should have killed 374000 times 2 (748000). You see the difference? 477000 to 748000? Now i am a player the likes to play hunter and on top of that I hate picking on the weak, it is often that i teach a new player how to counter me as hunter because I like the thrill of the hunt and the weak don't fight back (boring). So i won't say anything to be easier on the hunters side, just possible. On even grounds, a perfect human player wins over a perfect hunter player because (consider everything to be even grounds, not situational stuff): hunters are fast but dodgeable tackle (dodgeable and punishable) ground pound (easily predicted and dodgleable) spits (imagine you as a human only having a crossbow as a long range and having an enormous cd on each shot, only the "arrow" doesn't go exactly where you want and it starts to fall at a certain distance and sometimes sticks on a tree leaf or a tv cable, light posts, posts wires. There was this time that the spit stuck on the air. Also if you count on the spit explosion area, that can be easily dodged most of the time) pounce (one little flick and buh bye pounce and the flick reaches far far away...) Humans on the other hand have an arsenal of things and can't be dodged like they do with hunters (crossbows/bows, guns, melee wps, throwing wps, bombs, potions, flares, DFA, they can dodge anytime and drop kicks) Want to start being balanced, remove animations on both sides or at least when I ground pound at the same time as a human make them take dmg or suffer a knockback or make that when a human gets tired they can't dodge the tackle and make so that the "tackle dodge" consumes stamina, how much i really don't know but i guess not much, about 1/6 of the stamina bar. Also i never understood why there is such a consequence when i miss my ground pound. Humans can miss their DK and be rather fine, if i miss my GP it is most of the times a certain death (or not miss, because it doesn't count as a miss if they dodged it)... How many times have I seen players turtle in their flares and bait my ground pound so that they can kill me (UV block is not always an option because CDs), give the GP a chance, if i miss once it will count as I have hit but if i miss again in 30 sec then I will be tired or whatever (just like the 3 demolisher tackle). The ground pound area is flat also, I once hit a human's head trying to ground pound (i knew it wouldn't hit but it seemed so logical) i literally smashed the human head, something should happen but no, he just killed me on my failed atempt. The thing about hunters is we have a few not so effective approuch choices while humans have all the kit to be the real hunters. And the punish of me dying is so hard because I die once, they take a whole hive most of the time. So humans can die 9 times effectively, I can die 4 times only (assuming they do not start to goof or to hunt me)... And when I die I start on the other side of the city on top of the long CD to be back (especially on 1v1s), humans start closer to the hives and the CD is much shorter. Another thing is that the humans have more dexterity than hunters, often I see a Human getting on top of a light post or something similar and shotting the nest, i can't tackle him, to try to GP him is too risky because if I miss there will be that long stagger and DFA will be a sure thing, pounce + UV = DFA, i have no spit other than the toxic and CDs is in the way so I have no other choice if i don't have the Toxic Spit than to give that hive spawn. The end it all the CDs on spits are too long for such a poor return, every spit can be evaded from a distance and when you get it right, there is always something the players can do to deny completely of what of have just done (even in 1vs1) UV blocker spit should block players from throwing flares when there is 2 or more players I can understand that with one player it would be a certain kill, but on a 1vs2 and so on, it is mostly useless unless you were lucky to hit all of them of most of them and they have their flares on CDs which to this day i haven't seen that... So to resume everything: Balance ground pound, make it less risky Balance spit CDs, they are not that powerful and accurate to have such CDs (I would prefer a smaler area of effect of the spit and with a shorter CD) Make that UV block spit blocks flares usage too on 1vs2+ (this makes teamwork more important than ever) Fix the spawn points on death Tackles can't be evaded when a human is tired and make it that dodging tackles drains stamina TLDR: Being a hunter is so unforgiving, to best a human you must play perfectly, to best a hunter however you just have to play, humans have much more means to punish a hunter's bad play.