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  1. Dyinglightboi

    Map editor on console

    Dying light 2,... now I'm gonna spend spend hours on YouTube asking why I didn't know that might be a thing thanks
  2. Dyinglightboi

    Map editor on console

    "So I assume the answer is no.....
  3. Dyinglightboi

    Map editor on console

    So I am a big fan of dying light yet my pc does not have enough power to run dying light and I don't know how to build pcs...that angers me because I LOVE the dev tools and I am sad they are not on console. I understand that you didn't make the game on consoles so it can't be realeased but all I want is a simple map creator like the ones from farcrys 3 and 4 please make this happen and lots of console users would be really happy and it would make dying light relevant again. Thank you for your time